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Modern day construction
Augmented Reality

We transform your vision into reality by presenting an in-depth visual representation of the project for better understanding.

3D site modelling

We exhibit your creativity by setting-up a 3-dimensional mathematical presentation of the idea building in your head.

Construction Management Software

Save your precious time by remotely monitoring the WIP of the job site with our specifically designed software for you.

Augmented Reality To Streamline The Construction Process
Modernised & Systematic Way To Construction
Augmented Reality To Streamline The Construction Process

Welcome the duo of 3D and AR in the construction industry! Walk inside your design with AR Sketchwalk to get a true visualisation of the project. We understand how precious your time is and thereby without wasting it further we provide you the access to work remotely using AR solutions.

  • Faster and well-grounded project management and collaboration
  • More specific adoption and application of BIM for better presentation
  • Precise, accurate and comprehensive measurement of the dimensions
  • Constant examination of the job site without being physically present
  • Low cost and on-time delivery of the project in a synchronized manner
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We Create Premium 3D site models

3D AR Models for in-depth visualisation

Inclined towards emerging technology and market trends, Wordsys combines AR solutions with BIM for you to have an enhanced view of the site from every angle. The best part is there is no added extra cost and we build these AR driven 3D models within your budget. With these models our team skilfully monitors all areas of your job site- from scrutinizing the underground pipelines to rooftop excavation.

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Life is like a highway, no matter what they say, the construction is never finished. There’s always gonna be bumps in the road and detours every now and then.
We develop software to simplify construction

Ease it out with construction management software

Making the best use of its technicalities and experience, our IT team develops construction management software to speed up the construction process for you. With effective management and optimization of all resources at one place, you are saved from the complexities of communication and documentation. Deploying the perfect combo of AR in BIM, we showcase a clear view of your project’s outlook.

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