Reasons Why PHP Should Top Your Priority

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Fully Responsive

Our PHP & MySQL web development solutions spell seamless accessibility across a multitude of devices i.e. desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc.

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Open-Source Language

Being an open-source framework with zero third-party or license fees, PHP stays abreast of multiple other programming languages!

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Highly Scalable

As a leading PHP development company in India, we emphasize building scalable web solutions so you can easily include more features as the need arises!

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Taking the basic web development guidelines into a consideration, our in-house & remote PHP developers will optimize your website & boost its SERP.

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Our custom PHP development services boast of robust built-in modules, via which, you can access multiple database & FTP servers!

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Cross Platform Integration

Thanks to its ability for cross-platform integration, PHP can seamlessly work across multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, UNIX & more!

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Highlights Of Our Services

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Web App Development

Being led with a fortitude that stems from our expertise in core PHP, Object Orient Programming, Model View Controller, etc., our PHP developers can deliver you bespoke & dynamic web apps. Working across some of the most power-packed frameworks i.e. CodeIgniter, CakePHP, etc., we can build robust & intuitive apps for your enterprise!

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CMS Development

As a leading PHP development company, we emphasize harnessing the cutting-edge Content Management Systems to build your website. To add an edge to your website’s look & feel, we shall be hands on in harnessing the cutting-edge CMS technologies i.e. Drupal, Magento, WordPress & more!

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Approach 2_3 Approach 2_3
API Development

Hire dedicated PHP developers from Wordsys Tech for enhancing or even extending the functionalities & overall efficacies of your web applications, mobile applications – both Android & iOS – etc. with the integration of well-documented, stable & fully secure Application Programming Interfaces or APIs.

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Approach 2_4 Approach 2_4
Seamless Maintenance

Our PHP developers are skilled enough to assist you with a constant support & maintenance of your app & websites. We credit our PHP programmers to fulfill all your needs pertaining to both ongoing & demand-centric maintenance of your site, web applications & mobile apps.

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Approach 2_5 Approach 2_5
Cloud-Based Solutions

Quality being the pillar of our PHP development solutions, we aim to be instrumental in custom building cloud-native applications for your business, leveraging the premium PHP tools. Hire dedicated PHP developers from Wordsys Tech to get unmatchable assistance in deploying, scaling or managing cloud-native apps of different sorts!

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Thorough Consultation

Being the forerunner among India’s top-rated PHP development companies, we have an inkling of the status quo of new-age development. Owing to this, our PHP experts can significantly contribute in delivering customized consultation for multiple verticals of web or app design, feature implementation, architecture, development, management & more!

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Approach 2_7 Approach 2_7
E-commerce Web Solutions

Staying abreast of the technological advancements, our PHP development company will build you unique & attractive E-commerce site. Harnessing PHP platforms i.e. Magento, WooCommerce, etc. & customized templates, we shall custom-build E-commerce sites, which would cater to your business needs to the last detail!

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Social Networking Sites

Hire PHP developers & programmers in India to get premium social networking web development services! With utmost emphasis on details, we shall build you modern-looking social networking website, which encases edgy features & the right attributes to engage or even retain your audiences.

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The Different PHP frameworks We Work With

Framework 1
Framework 2
Framework 3
Framework 4
Framework 5
Framework 6

Partner With Wordsys

Accomplish Your Project

From stepping stone to milestones – our experienced, skilled & efficient PHP developers can help your project visions emerge with flying colors – right from the stage of ideation to design to development to management and the final execution!

Fuel A Small Business

To be a pioneer of success for your small business, we shall nestle a crew of dedicated PHP web developers for scaling your products, upgrading their efficacies with constant maintenance & the inclusion of edgy features, functionalities et al!

Bring Actionable Results

Even an established brand needs a boost to stay put amidst competition! Our PHP developers can help your brand scale better heights with more affordable yet result-yielding solutions, via which, you can bring more actionable insights in your enterprise operation, management, etc.

In-House Resources

Our experienced, skilled & technically-cognizant developers will be at the forefront in being the binding force for supporting your in-house business resources & building more efficient tech units for addressing your enterprise needs, keeping your visions, goals & intended audiences in mind!

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