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10 Best Fleet Management Software in 2023

  • October 18th, 2022
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GPS fleet management vehicle tracking system is a software organization in transportation-related industries. The software monitors corporate assets such as cars, equipment, and drivers.

GPS fleet monitoring systems, often known as telematics, allow businesses to understand in real time where their products and equipment are. It also delivers vital data about fleets and driver performance.

Understanding a telematics system lets you know how it can help your company save money, manage vehicle maintenance, monitor your mobile workforce, and ensure driver safety and compliance. Knowing which solution is ideal for your company is also critical.

We reviewed 10 of today's top fleet tracking systems to see which are ideal for different enterprises. When selecting, we considered everything from cost and simplicity of use to hardware and software options.

You may browse the best GPS fleet tracking services below. This will help you choose the ideal solution for your transport business.

Reliable GPS Tracking Software in 2023

1. Rhino

Rhino Fleet Monitoring provides an inexpensive GPS fleet tracking system that improves fleet performance for businesses of all sizes. Companies may use PC browsers, Android, or mobile devices to manage and monitor their fleet in real-time. Users may use voice activation instructions by connecting the gadget to Amazon Alexa.

2. Geotab

Geotab is an open-source fleet management software that guarantees that current industry norms, processes, and standards are followed. Geotab is also scalable, which allows clients to tailor it to their current setup, systems, and procedures. Geotab provides excellent driver log management and the ability to monitor a driver's exhaustion levels and hours of duty, making it simple to keep them safe.

3. IntelliShift

IntelliShift is the only fleet management platform allowing organizations with vehicle and heavy equipment fleets to access all fleet operations data from a single platform easily.

IntelliShift's solutions are designed to address safety and operational issues. They can be combined with the point solutions you're already using to feed digestible views.

4. Azuga

Azuga enables fleet managers and organizations to track cars, driver scores, awards, diagnostics, and maintenance requirements, among other things. Azuga is robust and straightforward to operate and cuts fuel, repair, and premium expenses.

5. Axestrack

Axestrack is a one-stop solution for obtaining a complete view of your vehicle's position. The high-end sophisticated surveillance system can increase your fleet's productivity and efficiency. The telematics-based vehicle monitoring device may generate interactive and analytical data to help you examine the operations of your vehicle.

6. Onfleet

Onfleet is an intelligent tracking solution and fleet management system that helps organizations in various industries. The extensive driver selection system enables it to send the best driver for the task. And its effective surveillance tool allows it to send the driver at the right time and location, saving time for the driver and ensuring they always arrive on time.

7. Samsara

Samsara is one of the top GPS fleet tracking systems for small fleet organizations, offering complete solutions. It offers the most powerful software for monitoring cars and assets and providing real-time information. The program lets you see engine diagnostics data, which assists you in making suitable decisions to ensure company efficiency and productivity.

8. TN360

Businesses may use Insights from TN360 to translate data into decisions by quickly and efficiently identifying issues and opportunities for growth. TN360 Insights allows fleets to go beyond just tracking dots on a map by translating real-time data into business insights that provide visibility into fleet operations.

9. Automile

Automile is a leading fleet and asset tracking solution with dependable GPS and a data plan. Automile services customers from almost every sector, assisting them in tracking their cars and assets, going paperless, maintaining compliance, and improving vehicle use.

10. Mojio Force

Mojio Force is an excellent GPS tracking option for firms that wish to emphasize driver accountability. A disturbance warning is sent when a tracked vehicle is rammed, dragged, or disturbed while parked. It will tell you immediately if a tracking device is disconnected, a vehicle leaves a geofenced region, or an engine management warning light illuminates.

The Future of Fleet Automation and Fleet Tracking

The Indian logistics sector is rapidly expanding, and vehicle tracking is quickly becoming an essential component of the transportation operation. Our sophisticated vehicle tracking technologies will assist you in reducing redundancy and managing operating expenses.

When selecting a vehicle tracking and fleet management system package, one of the things to look for is compatibility with the appropriate GPS gear. Some software packages may be used with various devices, while others are designed to work solely with specific hardware.

Choosing hardware and software that offer the appropriate amount of data at the lowest possible cost is critical. Basic inspections and protocols are often digitized and uploaded to the fleet library.

Many fleet tracking platforms also allow customers to delegate maintenance tasks to engineers directly from the user interface. Combining upkeep and fleet management tasks under a single software platform may frequently result in significant efficiency gains.

Last updated October 18th, 2022

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