A List of Web Scraping Use Cases

Generate Leads With Data Management Generate Leads With Data Management

Generation Of Leads

By the process of generating leads, our data management company reaches out to additional customers. The web scraping process involves scraping contact details like phone numbers, email id, and social media account details to connect with more customers.

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Big Data Consulting Services Big Data Consulting Services

Thorough Market Research

As a data cleansing company, we use the scraped data to empower our marketing teams to do the relevant research and develop an idea of how the market is performing. This process also helps us to speed up the R&D cycles.

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Traveling Information Through Data Management Services Traveling Information Through Data Management Services

Traveling Information

Scraping of data also helps our cloud data management company gather relevant information from various travel websites. For example, it helps us collect data about pricing, availability, hotel reviews, and airline ticket charges.

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Social Media data Updates Social Media data Updates

Social Media Updates

To know correctly about your customers, the best thing to do is to be constantly updated about their social media feeds. For example, they might have accounts on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our data security services company is going to make this arduous process simple through our web scraping techniques.

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News Monitoring Through Data Service News Monitoring Through Data Service

News Monitoring

We will help you achieve a smooth integration with the data related to news and articles from various websites, which will help you to update your functions based on the latest market trends.

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Data Integrated Product Data Integrated Product

Data Integrated Product

With the help of one of the best big data platform as a service consulting firms, whenever you are building a particular product or service, our data as a service benefit will make the building process smoother and far more efficient. We are going to help you build a healthy pipeline for your products.

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How Do We Function?

  • Data Information Collect

    You inform us
    about your needs

  • Data As A Service Feasibility Offer

    We offer feasibility

  • Payment For Data As A Service

    You pay us

  • Data Delivery

    We deliver data in
    your preferred format

  • Data Cleaning Services

    We clean your
    data up

  • Data Crawling

    We release
    the crawlers

  • When you continuously extract a particular list of data fields from multiple websites, our Hadoop consulting agency provides you with the most efficient data as a service Solutions.
  • Our data as a service expert analyzes unlimited websites and provides you data from them. There is no limit to our data speed frequency or data fields.
  • Our cloud data protection company also provides you the benefit of converting data into accessible formats like JSON, XML, and CSV.
  • Our cloud database management systems company's services also include helping you upload your data on various popular databases like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Azure Accounts.
  • Our big data management service consulting experts take full responsibility for the end-to-end maintenance of the structural modifications in your website. So all you need to keep in mind is feeding data to your business continuously.

Industries We Have Served To Date

Data As A Service Solutions

Why Should You Choose Wordsys As Your Data As a Service Company

  • Data Security Services Company

    Curated Scrapping Solutions

    Our data security services company understands that different clients have different requirements for their business. We focus on crawling scripts in such a manner that your needs are treated as the topmost priority. Curating our approach helps us manage your data better.
  • Cloud Data Management Company

    Rotational IP

    Our data warehouse as a service management company makes sure that your data travels from one proxy server to another so that you are not detected or banned.
  • Data As A Service Expert

    We Have Ample Expertise

    We are proud to say that our data as a service expert is immensely skilled in their fields. We also are a brand that has been recognized and appreciated by well-known critics.
  • Smooth Data Service

    Smooth Service

    Our priority is always not to face any hassle while gathering data without worrying about infrastructure management or technology modifications.
  • Cloud Data Protection

    Ultimate Data Protection

    Security of your data is crucial for our cloud data protection company, so we ensure that all your projects are deployed on your server to zero the risk of data leakage.
  • Cloud To Cloud Backup


    Our cloud-to-cloud backup experts make sure that you have constant access to your database so that whenever you feel the need to make any modifications, you can choose to do so.

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