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7 Best AI Chatbots in India to Know About

  • December 2nd, 2022
  • AI

Our way of life has altered dramatically in recent years. The emergence of modern technology and novel development concepts has made living more comfortable.

The Chatbot is one of the most effective technologies for improving human contact, automating boring chores, reducing human labor load, enhancing job efficiency, and so on. People began utilizing it in ways no one could have predicted after its conception.

According to an analysis, AI will become a mainstream customer experience investment in the next years. In addition, 47% of firms will use chatbots, and 40% will use virtual assistants. According to Accenture, digital customers prefer systems with speech or text-based interfaces.

80% of firms have some form of chatbot automation. According to stats, chatbots may help firms save up to 30% on customer service.

Here are a few instances of creative chatbot applications by a top AI chatbot development company in India.

Chatbots in India that Enhance Customer Service

Virtual Assistant by Nykka

Nykaa has introduced an AI chatbot to assist clients in finding items that are most suited to their requirements to meet this demand. When a visitor selects a category to investigate, they can book a free video consultation. Suppose someone is scared about video calling and prefers talking. In that case, the assistant proposes options based on affordability, a previously used product, etc.

iPAL by ICICI Bank

They created the iPAL Chatbot to address large consumer inquiries and long lines issues. The outcomes were pleasantly surprising. Not only were inquiries and line-ups reduced, but they also began to receive more productive results from their employers and more favorable consumer feedback about their services.

Railway Food by Zoop India

Zoop India's WhatsApp chatbot service allows passengers on Indian trains to have their food orders delivered directly to their seats. Travelers may send Zoop's WhatsApp chatbot their 10-digit PNR number, allowing the Chatbot to identify the passenger's seat/berth instantly. Passengers will then be asked to choose a station to order and have their meal delivered.

Virtual Assistant by Tally

A tailored and unified customer experience is essential for a B2B firm. Tally's Intelligent Virtual Assistant is designed to do just that. It welcomes visitors to the website, answers common questions, and invites them to book a demo with the sales staff. It also promotes product launches, feature updates, intriguing news, and notifications to increase user involvement.

Travel Triangle's Trip Planner

Travel Triangle has addressed the issue of planning trips for its consumers with the Trip Planner Virtual Assistant. It assists visitors in planning a full vacation depending on their preferences for location, occasion, company, activities, budgets, etc. If you want a personalized package, it will conveniently direct you to a travel specialist.

TIA by Tata Capital

Tata Capital is a subsidiary of Tata Financial and Investment Services. They launched the TIA chatbot in 2019. Customers may receive a loan from Tata Capital in only 5 minutes using TIA. Tata has stated that 25% of its clients use TIA for loan and financing help in only a few months.

Aditya Birla Group's ABG

With over 30 businesses, the Aditya Birla Group is India's third-biggest private conglomerate. And, just as every wealthy business employs a helper for their job, ABG Assistant Chatbot is available on their website. It can assist visitors in navigating to the desired page. It has welcoming qualities that leave a pleasant impression on the guest.

Chat with the Best Bots and Avail Services Easily

Businesses and sectors are experiencing an increase in customer support, and lead creation as the usage of chatbots grows. Law companies, banks, healthcare organizations, the automobile sector, and others are improving their chatbots by hiring custom software development company in India for primary purposes such as assisting, enquiring, booking, filtering, and so on.

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