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8 Latest Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Teams

  • December 16th, 2022
  • Software Development

With over 250 million monthly active users, Microsoft Teams quickly became the go-to online collaboration solution for businesses and consumers throughout the epidemic. You don't want to be left behind if your employer, university, or favorite charity has already embraced Teams.

Microsoft Teams receives an update every two weeks that adds new features, fixes issues, and improves the user experience. These changes aim to provide consumers with a 365% more delightful experience and constant value for their money.

Today, we'll look at some of the new Microsoft Teams hacks, techniques, and tips that can help businesses and top mobile app development company make greater use of the Teams platform. This rather extensive list of tips and tricks is intended to assist you in making the most of Teams.

Tips and Tricks to Know About Microsoft Teams

Look Over Your Conversations

As you create more and more information and begin to forget where you stored those work projects, the search will become a vital tool. By clicking on the tabs, you may switch between People and Files.

Here are some phrases that Teams recommend for increasing your search power:

From: then enter the individual's name

In: then enter the name of the channel or group chat

Subject: a message or subject line's keyword

Sent: the message's delivery date

Activate the Guest Mode

While Microsoft Teams is a terrific collaboration tool if you work in the same business, there are instances when you need to collaborate with people outside your organization. Fortunately, the app has a 'Guest access' function that allows you to invite individuals not part of your team or organization.

Personalize Your Notifications

Individuals who belong to many active channels may easily modify their alerts in Microsoft Teams. You should adjust your notifications if you don't want to be distracted or interrupted by alerts and want the greatest possible experience on a chat channel.

Utilize an Immersive Reading

It may be quite a laborious process to sift through a lot of text back and forth between different talks. Microsoft's Immersive Reader may save you time by reading the material at multiple speeds you can customize.

Bookmark Specific Information

Microsoft Teams can bookmark certain bits of content, whether they be messages or attachments. You may categorize the information that is relevant to you and spend less time looking for it.

Blur the Background of your Meeting Video

There are two options: first, utilize the Background Settings feature to blur your video background directly from the meeting setup or meeting controls. The second method is far more elegant: using a virtual background. If the Background setting button appears inactive in the Meeting Setup window, ensure your video camera is turned on first.

Forward Emails to Channel

Although some small businesses and social media marketing agency in India avoid email in favour of chat, Microsoft knows how much most of us in the corporate world rely on email. Fortunately, you can forward any email message from Outlook to a channel. It's a clever workaround.

Record Your Meetings

Another fantastic and new feature in Teams is the ability to record video and audio meetings and screen sharing by participants in your chat. To utilize this function, click the three dots in your call's menu and pick the 'Start Recording' option.

Microsoft Teams Is Far More than a Collaborative Tool

Microsoft Teams allows for simple communication, quick access to all files inside an organization, and interaction with many valuable and popular apps. The tips and tactics presented here are just a sample of what is possible.

Try to expand beyond the known aspects because there is always something new to discover. Study and execute these Microsoft Teams hacks and techniques for optimal effect and efficiency.

Last updated December 16th, 2022

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