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9 Reasons Why You Should Use an iPad for Medical School

  • August 29th, 2022
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The iPad is the most widely used consumer tablet. As a result, it should be no surprise that medical students and prospective physicians frequently use iPads while seeking an education in the area.

This raises the question of why all medical students own an iPad. This is a commonly asked subject, so we wanted to address it completely.

First and foremost, we do not believe that an iPad is required for medical school. However, an iPad may be an excellent study tool, and this piece aims to illustrate why you should consider purchasing an iPad for medical school.

Companies made it possible for medicals to have a healthcare CRM software to use it for their daily tasks and student to learn about it.In this blog, we’ll discuss why a student needs an iPad and how it will help them to pass their semesters.

How Can an iPad Help a Med Student?

eBooks and PDFs

As we progress through history, more and more things are becoming digital. In today's world, many study materials are available in PDF format. And you'll require a fresh PDF virtually every day. Your desired device should provide convenient choices for viewing, editing, and generating PDFs.


It was unbelievably convenient to have those digital handwritten notes everywhere you went for the classes. You could study between classes or when a teacher didn't show up.

Furthermore, most notetaking applications developed by top software development companies make it very simple to incorporate images, drawings, and even audio recordings directly into your scribbled or typed notes. You can use the audio recording feature and the note replay feature to go back and listen to the bits I missed.

Split Screen

The option to watch videos on the side while taking notes on iPad from wherever you are pretty helpful. No more fretting about whether you have brought the correct notebook - it was all right there.

Paper Savings

You no longer feel the need to print everything for yourself. If it were one of those simple classes whose notes you'd never look at again, you don't waste money printing off their lecture slides; you could swipe through them on your iPad, take the test, and be done with it.

Editing Presentations

Making and editing presentations is an essential component of your early medical education. You will be expected to produce polished presentations and deliver them to a large audience. This is the moment that most people choose computers over iPads because doing presentations on an iPad may be puzzling.


You'll be talking with many other med school students and professors. This will entail sharing information with others, whether a group presentation among pals or a professor's assignment. While most gadgets are now compatible with most sharing-friendly solutions, it is still an important consideration.


When it comes to med school preparation, a gadget that runs out of storage space is a no-no. You'll have to deal with tens, if not hundreds, of materials, including films, audios, PDFs, etc. iPad covers you with this issue with better storage.


It's fantastic that you can attach a Keyboard to your iPad and use it as a laptop. However, removing the Keyboard and using it as a regular tablet gives you a lot of flexibility. If you are in a class where you do not need to take notes but instead need to read a book, don't worry, the Keyboard will not interfere.

Battery Back up

The iPad outlasts most other tablets and PCs. When you have a packed class schedule, charging your gadget is the last thing on your mind. Sometimes, you want your device to last the full day without needing to be charged.

Does a Medical Student Really Require an iPad?

Yes, an iPad is required for a medical student. This is because you can't get through medical school without taking notes, reading books, reviewing the information, and having a portable gadget that will last you the entire day.

To emphasize this point, we questioned several of our friends who are aspiring physicians or are doctors who use iPad EMR Software. The above are their thoughts on why the iPad is an ideal choice for a medical student.

When it comes to determining whether to acquire an iPad for medical school, we suppose it boils down to a few essential things. iPads are now much more reasonable, and you can get a little one for very little money.

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