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A List of Budget-Friendly Digital Marketing Strategies

  • May 31st, 2020
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Whether you own a start-up company or an already established brand, you must build a robust digital marketing strategy to promote your venture, tap into the right audiences, and edge out the competitors. While the small businesses with greater budgets and better valuations in venture capital are more likely to hog the limelight, the start-ups with stipulated budgets may lag behind, in regards to their overall growth.

To ensure the survival of such start-ups or small businesses, it’s essential to draw up a budget-friendly yet an effective digital marketing strategy.

Below are mentioned some tried-and-tested, affordable online marketing tactics owing to which, you can dream big and let your start-up business reach the sky. Have a glance –

  • Go for Cross-Channel Marketing –

In case, you are not gaining the desired profit from your existing digital marketing campaign, then you must consider re-assessing/re-marketing it. The typical and traditional re-marketing strategies usually revolve around just replaying advertisements on the exact same podium where customers might have already come across them.

It may occur that a prospective consumer does not convert event after clicking on your AdWord advertisement. Even in that case, you may choose to serve him/her with an ad on the exact same platform. All you need to do is to promote your brand/service/products with a different advertisement each time.

It is a proven fact that cross-channel re-marketing strategies can add a touch of sophistication to your advertisements by displaying them to the audiences on a variety of platforms, via which, they might have viewed your brand earlier. This means that if a prospective consumer does not make a purchase even after clicking on your ads, you can display that same ad to the same consumer on social media i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc.

By bringing the efficacy of demand-driven platforms i.e. Bing, Google, etc. and behaviour-based podiums i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc., you can leverage your brand promotion by leaps and bounds.

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  • Give Flex Targeting a Shot –

Another digital marketing technique that has recently taken the world by storm is flex targeting via social media. For those, who have a minimum or a zero clue on flex targeting, it’s essential to know that this method enables a marketer to target potential profiles on different social networking platforms, which match multiple characteristics.

Among a number of cost-effective digital marketing techniques claiming to fame, flex targeting has caused a stirring ripple. Through this method, you can easily beef up your social media marketing campaign without even expanding your budget. Backed by flex targeting techniques, you can easily tap into those buyers, who make online purchases on a frequent note.

  • Build Mobile Marketing Campaigns –

Over the past few years, mobile phones have converted into a hyperactive way of life from being just a mere mode of interaction. In this mobile era, if you want your brand to stay ahead of the curve, then consider building an effective mobile marketing strategy.

Mobile advertisements cost a lot lesser than the tablet or desktop advertisements. So, if you are reluctant to expand your budget, you should bank upon mobile marketing campaigns. On a few platforms like Facebook, Google, etc., you can set up result-yielding mobile marketing campaigns without shelling out too much.

  • Make the Most of Instagram Ads –

Do not ever undermine the might of Instagram, when it comes to promoting a brand through a cost-effective digital marketing campaign. The best part about Instagram ads is that you don’t even need to have an Insta-profile for running your ads on this platform.

You can easily manage your Instagram ads through your Facebook account. Moreover, every click on an Insta-ad can directly lead your customers to the URL or landing page of your website. They don’t have to filter through your Instagram profile.

Instagram is known to have multiple options for targeting or tapping into the right audiences. Hence, via Instagram ads, you can easily target a specific cluster of customers, which are suitable to your business profile.

  • Lead Ads Could be Beneficial –

With the lead advertisements on Facebook, you can provide your targeted audiences with ample information about your brand. You can do this without your audiences having to leave any social network site.

So, if you wish to sell a product or promote a service, you can explore lead advertisements for creating VIP mail lists, hosting newsletter sign-ups, providing discounts or business deals, and the likes.  

  • Count upon Video Marketing

There are many online advertisers out there, who prefer re-marketing their lists via Google Adwords. But, this might not be the most suitable marketing approach!

To avail more accurate and result-yielding outcomes, you must prepare your re-marketing lists on Google Analytics and subsequently import them to Google AdWords.

In case, you are planning to download Facebook pixel, you should build customized audience-base on your Facebook account and re-target them through video advertisements.

  • Smart Goals are Worth Trying –

A large number of start-up companies don’t keep a tab on their conversion rates. Due to this, it could be extremely difficult for your small business to scale up. If you don’t know exactly what works for you, you won’t be able to decide where you should allocate your overall budget to.

However, the Smart goals of Google Analytics can address this issue by reaching out to more customers from data that have been collected anonymously. Subsequently, Google determines how much of the entire traffic was of premium quality.

Also, you can easily import all your smart marketing goals into Google AdWords. All you need to do is to make use of this data on a CPA or Cost-per-Acquisition basis. Thus, Google will automatically display your advertisements to the truly potential audiences who would have chances galore to make a purchase from you.

  • Count on Bid Modifiers –

Bid modifiers hint at the total percentage set up by an online advertiser for maximizing or minimizing their bids as per their location metrics, etc. Bids can play a crucial role in influencing how much the rate of cost-per-click could be on Google AdWords.

Rather than just allowing Google to select the bids or setting up default bids for you, your digital marketing strategies would be more effective with the usage of bid modifiers.

  • Manual Placement of AdWords –

It’s true that the display network ad campaigns of AdWords are yet to gain popularity among the start-up business-owners.  But, when applied impeccably, these can actually spell manifold benefits in ensuring the further growth of a small or start-up organization.

One of the best ways of using network ad campaigns is to just display advertisements on some particular websites, widely popular as placements, which have been chosen with certain kinds of consumer profiles in mind.

Google AdWords is known to allow for the manual choice of placements that will subsequently display campaign posts in a form of laser-targeted advertisements.  

The Final Words

Sometimes, a growing business or an aspiring start-up organization should think of the right digital marketing strategies instead of being obsessed over revenues, statistics, ROI, etc. After all, only a robust digital marketing strategy can help a small business excel and thrive.

If you are a small business owner, dealing with budget constraints but yet aspiring to reach the sky, then count on any of the aforementioned online marketing strategies. If utilized to their utmost capacity, these budget-friendly yet effective strategies will speak volumes – a lot louder than words.

Last updated August 9th, 2022

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