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Affordable Website Redesign: How to redesign your website at low cost ?

  • September 20th, 2023
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Your website is your most valuable sales and marketing tool. It's the heart of your inbound marketing plan and the first thing prospects want to look into before making a purchase — or even speaking with a team member. 

Now that more businesses recognize the importance of inbound marketing, company websites, in general, are improving. They're quicker, more streamlined, mobile-friendly, and more functional. This is excellent for the customer but complicates the marketer's job.  

According to studies, approximately 38% of users will only abandon a website if it is appealing. If you have a website for your company but are still waiting for the desired results, it may be time for a website makeover. 

A website redesign is when you take an existing website and tweak several components to improve it. In this post, we'll look at what to look for in an old website, how you may remodel it within your budget with the help of an affordable website redesign company. 

Find Out If You Need a Redesign 

Redesigning your website allows you to boost your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. By injecting your website with useful, keyword-rich content and optimizing its structure, you may improve your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs), increasing organic visitor leads and sales. 

The primary advantage of revamping a website is improving the user experience. You may provide visitors with a seamless and delightful browsing experience by fine-tuning the layout, optimizing navigation, and enhancing the overall design. 

It is critical to modify your website to suit changes in design preferences and technology as they occur. The emphasis on mobile-first design, for example, and the predominance of responsive web design are essential features of modern web design. 

A well-executed website makeover may help you achieve your company objectives significantly. Whether you want to increase conversions, raise brand recognition, or strengthen client retention, an affordable website redesign service provider can help. 

What are the Types of Website Redesigning? 

While a redesign might focus exclusively on improving the aesthetic aspect of your website, a wise redesign also considers usability and functionality. Designers divide redesigns into four groups based on their possible scope: 

  • Redecorate 

A redecoration consists solely of cosmetic changes. A redecoration works nicely if you're rebranding and upgrading your corporate colors, for example. A redecoration is less expensive than a website redesign since it involves less effort. 

  • Rewire 

A rewiring focuses on backend website improvements. A rewiring is a possible alternative if you're moving to a new content management system (CMS), such as WordPress. Because of the technical skill necessary, rewires are more expensive than redecorations. 

  • Remodel 

Remodeling your site entails both cosmetic and behind-the-scenes changes. A redesign is a good option to refresh a website aesthetically and functionally. Because it takes time and resources, this website overhaul is more expensive. 

  • Rebuild 

A rebuild focuses on creating a completely new website, while certain aspects from your prior site, such as graphics or content, may be reused. A rebuild is a good option if you're doing a major rebranding or dealing with an older website. However, it is the most expensive redesign choice. 

When Is It Time to Redesign Your Website? 

Rebuilding a website is crucial since it requires time and money. Here's how to tell whether it's time to redesign your website. 

  • Outdated design: If your website appears to come from GeoCities and utilizes the Comic Sans typeface, it's time to revamp. An old website might convey that your company needs to be in touch with current trends, which can undermine consumer confidence.
  • Poor user experience: A vital feature of every website is user experience. If people have difficulty navigating your site, finding content, or completing simple activities, it strongly indicates that your website needs to be updated. 
  • Low conversion rates: Your website should turn visitors into customers successfully. If you see a persistent fall in conversions, it might signal that your website is no longer meeting the expectations or needs of your target audience. 
  • Slow page load times: Internet consumers today demand quick, seamless web experiences. Users will only quit your website before viewing your content if it takes less time to load. 
  • Inadequate SEO performance: If your site performs poorly in search engines, it might be due to outdated SEO tactics or a complete absence of SEO. An affordable website redesign service provider can assist in increasing the exposure of your website. 
  • Style mismatch: if you didn't have a logo and corporate colors yesterday and now you do, but not on the website, it's as awkward as wearing black pants with white shoes. 

Website Redesign Techniques You Should Know About 

When done right, redesigning your website is a massive undertaking that can significantly increase your online visibility while improving user experience and generating conversions. Let's review the most important factors an affordable website redesign company can assist you with. 

1) Determine Your Redesigning Objectives 

What's the "why" behind your new website? When considering redesigning your site, there should always be a compelling rationale. Make it obvious why you're redesigning your website and link those goals to quantifiable outcomes. Then, share your objectives with your team, designer, or WordPress development company. 

2) Site Performance Comparison 

Begin by assessing your website's current performance. Examine crucial data like page load times, bounce rates, conversion rates, and the average time visitors spend on your site. This data will assist you in identifying areas for improvement and setting performance standards for the new site. 

3) Build a 301 Redirect Map 

If you're changing the URLs of your pages, you'll need to set up 301 redirects, which are permanent redirects from one URL to another. Visitors who click on old URLs will be instantly redirected to the new ones. It also aids in the preservation of your SEO rankings by informing search engines where the material has relocated. 

4) Design a User-Friendly Website 

The user experience on your website is critical. People will only want to use your site if it's easy to browse, there's no search box to locate what you're searching for, or the menus need to be fixed when you click them. An affordable mobile website redesign company will test your website to check how user-friendly it is when users look at it. 

5) Websites for Mobile Users 

Your website design must work properly on all mobile devices. According to studies, 8 out of 10 users only accept a website if it appears appropriately on their mobile devices. In principle, your website design prevents you from capturing 80% of mobile visitors. An affordable mobile website redesign service provider can ensure can help you rebuild your website. 

6) Keep an Eye on Performance 

After publishing your updated website, keep an eye on its performance. Compare the metrics of the new site to the standards you established based on the previous site. This allows you to assess the success of your redesign and identify any areas that require additional improvement. The hired affordable website redesign company will take care of all these factors. 

The Expense of Redesigning Your Website 

Using a template to build or modify a website is typically the most cost-effective solution. It can range from $5000 to $25,000, but the actual "cost" here is the time required. In general, the less money you spend, the more time and effort you can anticipate dealing with to get the site exactly as you want it — and it won't be precisely how you want it if you don't know how to code. 

New businesses with minimal resources and no web developer must frequently start small. At Wordsys, we offer a large collection of low-cost website themes particularly for Content Management System like WordPress, which is very affordable. 

What Factors Affect the Website Redesign Cost? 

Three factors are critical for an integrated website redesign strategy and pricing: 

  • Technical Marketing  
  • SEO  
  • UX Copywriting 

The design of a website shapes the customer's perception. And that perception might be either positive or negative. It is determined by the website's design. A terrible website design creates a negative impression, which could be better for the company. 

75% of clients agree that they assess a website based on its design. So, if you're losing your consumers, it's time to reconsider your design. For example, a perplexing CTA might be discouraging. Never presume that your visitors know what to do next. Make careful to include detailed, exact, and direct information. An affordable website redesign company can help with these within your budget. 

Do You Need a Dependable Partner? 

Redesigning a website is a complex undertaking involving extensive knowledge of business development, UX/UI design, and marketing. A variety of factors also determine the cost of redesigning a website. But the most important factor is the development team you will collaborate with. 

Custom forms, interfaces with other applications, and extensive e-commerce capabilities can dramatically increase the cost. Before receiving bids for your redesign, explain these needs thoroughly. Get in touch with Wordsys for a website makeover to help your business or startup. With our website, we have a solid track record in affordable website redesign.

Last updated September 20th, 2023

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