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AI Challenges to be Overcome in the Days to Come

  • May 31st, 2020
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The proliferation in technology is on a full swing right now, and Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly a colossal splash on such wave of advancements. The unlimited potentials in AI never fail to intrigue the entrepreneurs’ minds. Right from the advanced employee management tools to interactive search assistants to ambient intelligence and self-learning segmentation systems, Artificial Intelligence will continue to remain a quintessential technology, unbound in its potential.

Owing to the recent leaps in science and technologies, Artificial Intelligence has improved the forefronts of global enterprises by creating cutting-edge solutions to organize, customize and automate digital marketing. By integrating AI into online marketing practices, business-owners can gain better response values from their intended audiences and a competitive edge over other organizations and brands.

But, does it mean that AI is devoid of any challenge or hurdle?

Well, not really…!

In spite of getting better with each year, AI still has its fair share of hurdles, challenges or draw-backs. If left unaddressed, such set-backs might prevent the futuristic reality from making inroads into our lives. But, the good news is that such limitations are now on the brink of getting subsided or overcome.  All that it requires is a meticulous planning to overcome such challenges.

So, what are you still waiting for? Buckle up to overcome some of these following challenges to drive the optimum outcomes from Artificial Intelligence –

  • AI Lags Behind in Abstract Thinking –

It is natural for human minds to ideate new solutions or ideas to solve problems, in regards to abstractions. For instance, which image conjures up in your mind when you think of a dog? High chances are that, you are not assuming on a particular example of a dog.

Actually, for the human minds, it’s not even necessary to produce every ‘required’ aspect that would constitute a dog! Rather, what the mind is prone to do is to conceptualize some very common or usual notions of exactly what a dog should look like, etc. But, this is not the case with Artificial Intelligence.

Abstract_Thinking, AI

A computer, operated by even the most advanced AI or ML, would also require ample information or examples of dogs to get a clear idea of this creature. And, even after that, it would need to describe completely or even concretely the conceptual equines to make the most of the new-found data.

So, what does this actually mean? It simply means that if you want your computer to collect the muddled or raw data and then automatically convert them into an intuitive notion, you must build a particular machine that can think or ideate in an abstract manner.

  • AI is Still Not Fully Trustworthy –

There is no denying in the fact that Artificial Intelligence is gradually taking over our lives, but albeit, for the right reasons. From how we shop to the way we accomplish our responsibilities, a number of new technologies are being brought to the fore for transforming our lives. But, even amid this scenario, Artificial Intelligence is yet to overcome too many trust issues.

Take, the autonomous vehicles, for instance.  These high-end, tech-savvy cars vehicles are run on AI-integrated software and technologies for driving better than the traditional cars and avoiding collisions, accidents, etc. Till date, the records of autonomous cars have been more impressive than that of the human drivers. But still, only just a handful of customers claim that they feel actually safe and comfortable in the self-driving cars.

In many ways, Artificial Intelligence is still an alien concept to most of the millennials. There are many people out there, who are quite inherently sceptical about anything that’s fully mechanized.  However, the public trust on AI is improving (at a glacial pace though!), owing to the increasing awareness of technologies, machines et al. It may reach a new height by the year 2025.

  • AI Needs to Master Unsupervised Learning –

AI had marched into our lives quite a few years back now. But, even after many years of its invention, it’s still not an easy feat to make an AI-integrated machine ‘learn’ about new information.


Regardless of its functional or intellectual advancement, an AI-operated needs to learn new info only via force-feeding. Every AI system is bound to rely upon the data provided to it by humans. As per the world’s biggest prolific tech-experts, this kind of ‘supervised or forceful learning’ is not fully scalable. Also, it cannot imitate the exact way that the Homo sapiens would actually learn.

Unlike machines, the human brains are capable of naturally perceiving or learning about everything which come in their ways. At present, the world is still many years away from AI-operated machines, which can learn or perceive things this way. But, once Artificial Intelligence gets there, it will gain the capacity of using data to augment or generate better ideas and come up with more innovative concepts that we can ever produce on our own.

  • AI is Not Apt for General Usages –

Honestly, almost all the AI-integrated systems that we have are mostly adept at accomplishing the complex tasks. Now, the question is that could we ever have an AI program to carry out any general or all-around usage?

Well, with the introduction of some personal digital assistants like Google Home, Alexa, Siri, etc., there is definitely a speck of light on the horizon, but these are just capable of scraping the surface of what Artificial Intelligence is actually able to achieve or accomplish. It is expected that by the year 2022, we may witness the development of ‘general’ AI solutions.

Can These Hurdles Impact Your Business?

Well, to some extent the AI-obstacles may affect your business! But, you need not fret because –

  • By the next few years, some better software and tools would be invented to enhance your business. These might be able to utilize data more accurately or efficiently than the human data analysts
  • You may be able to fulfil your customer needs with a lot more accuracy as a bunch of advanced solutions would be invented to fit into new circumstances
  • You may get the freedom to hire a very few salaried employees and switch to the advanced AI solutions to accomplish your business goal


The Final Verdict

The worldwide demand for Artificial Intelligence is skyrocketing in lightning speed. The overall momentum of AI-advancement is on a full swing. And, there is no sign or point of its coming to a screeching halt! You should embrace this new wind of change to ensure that multiple arenas of your business get optimally benefitted. So, don’t lag behind! Brace up for a new era of AI advancements.

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Last updated October 27th, 2022

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