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AI Technologies to Gain Popularity in the Years to Come

  • May 31st, 2020
  • Marketing

Artificial Intelligence, aka, AI with a sea of evolutionary innovations, has set a new precedent in the global marketing industry. There is no any aspect or sphere in our lives, which has not got interspersed with the advanced tech evolutions by Artificial Intelligence.  Apart from improving our lifestyles in general, AI has also taken the business world beyond several boundaries, offering it a lot more depth, leap, and reach.

There’s no denying the fact that a number of AI-infused technologies have already enabled millennial tech strategists to re-assess and re-shape their short-term and long-term product strategies. Tapping into this fact, we can expect that AI would get a lot more highly pervasive in the years to come. In the next few years, modern marketers are anticipated to utilize AI to seal many deals spanning different fields, industries, and domains.

The futuristic AI-integrated technologies could be broken down into a bunch of project types including, decision support, decision automation, agents et al. In this below-mentioned excerpt, we are shedding a light on some of these projects, which would have Artificial Intelligence acting as the fulcrum. Have a look –

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  • Decision Augmentation

By breaking out the global business value generated from AI, decision augmentation or decision support is anticipated to display about 40% of the AI-driven enterprise values worldwide in 2017.

The inclusion of DNNs in decision augmentation can visibly enhance AI systems, which are built on traditional analytical and statistical techniques. These hold the capacity to improve the overall quality of business decisions of different sorts.

Decision augmentation can help companies carry out certain tasks i.e. data mining, pattern recognition, etc. across multiple datasets. Such tools are able to classify the overly-complex inputs that usually feed traditional programming software or systems.  

Using such advanced programming systems, you can get more informed business insights, make more accurate predictions for different events, prep up probabilistic recommendations, and offer personalization with perfection.

Also, such advanced systems have a deep impact on the efficiency of different organizations in automating decisions, communicating processes, and the like. This new and advanced form of automation can actually reduce business operational risks and costs to a great extent. It can give ways to better ROIs through micro-targeting, upgraded segmentation, selling, marketing, etc.

  • AI-Agents

AI-Agents are now banking upon texts or voices to strike a more seamless communication with the audiences. Thanks to the advanced technologies involved in AI agents, striking interaction in a more natural language has become easier than ever.

AI agents have gathered adulation mainly from Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana et al. These are omnipresent in different messaging applications. They can convert the uttered words into text messages by capturing numerous other attributes from users’ speech.

Nowadays, customer service applications still require manual coding to handle more improved extraction of intent that is possible with the traditional systems. Upon being utilized impeccably, the automated AI system can easily handle consumer interactions, step by step.

By capturing the true nature of a problem, these systems can easily collect different information. It is capable of examining all the possible resolutions without having the need for involving any human assistant.

The virtual AI agents can let different companies reduce their labor or operational costs while taking over the less-complex requests. The virtual agents or virtual assistants can also help in calendaring, scheduling, and many other administrative responsibilities i.e. feeding up the employees’ time for a greater value-added work or reducing the need for human assistance.

The AI agents can account for a huge amount of the global AI-oriented enterprise values a few years back. It’s expected that by 2030, many other forms of AI technologies will be introduced for adding to a business’s overall value.


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  • Automation in Decision Making –

A decision automation system counts on AI for optimizing different business procedures, automating tasks, etc. They are highly effective in regards to meeting different goals like translating voice to texts, classifying data contents, processing hand-written forms, and the like.

The statistical method is able to automate the process of routing or suggesting the subsequent steps based on heuristics that automatically improve over time. The significance of decision automation is paramount when a number of ambiguous or non-quantitative objects are already involved in the process.

The rule-oriented repetitive methods along with structured data can be addressed by Robotic Process Automation, aka, RPA. The unstructured data and ambiguity have become staples in the field of modern business. With its further growth, it is expected to spell immense business values to many companies.

The Final Words:-

Almost all the phenomenal discoveries of AI come up with their unique trademarks. Each of them is aimed at accomplishing that ultimate objective–transforming our lives. The impacts of Artificial Intelligence have already percolated down to the global enterprises. Looking at the towering proliferation of Artificial Intelligence, it can be stated that the day is very near when AI will work as a springboard for upward enterprise mobility.

Last updated August 10th, 2022

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