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Digital Twinning – Is It the New Digital Mantra?

  • May 31st, 2020
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Today, the world is revolving around technological advancements. There is seldom any aspect of our lives that has not been touched by technology. Almost all the technologies, which have made inroads into our lives by far, have flourished our lifestyles. Recently, the digital twin – a new inclusion in this block – has caused a stirring ripple around the globe across. Keen to unearth the hitherto unexplored facts about digital twinning? Perhaps, giving this blog a read would quench this quest.

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Digital Twin – What’s That?

A digital twin has been ideated to digitally replicate a physical entity. It could be a digitized replica of a person, process, or a living/non-living entity/object. This highly advanced technology aims at closing the gap between the virtual and the physical world at the time of data transmission. A digital twin can help in transmitting a deluge of data by enabling a physical entity to exist simultaneously along with a virtual entity.

It incorporates every minuscule detail of an object’s components, performance, and size, besides storing all the updated and outdated data related to it via actuators, sensors, and the like. By getting such data fed through analytical models, you can generate a lot of useful insights later on.

The Major Aspects of Digital Twin

From the aforementioned discussion, it’s pretty clear that the digital twin is a highly advanced tech invention. However, some of the major components that this new-age technology comprises include Machine Learning (ML), the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and so forth. These technologies work unanimously to make a digital twin function to its optimum capacity.

Digital Twinning

Is It the Latest Digital Mantra?

The concept of digital twinning has been established mainly on the core matter of a digitized equivalent or substitute to a physical entity. The prime purpose of using this technology is to explore IoT sensors for capturing or storing our physical world in an out-and-out digital format.

This technology is so advanced that any physical asset or entity could transmit data through sensors on a real-time manner. Such physical assets or entities could be a vehicle, a jet craft or a whole factory! Even organic beings could also fall under this category. With the help of emerging or existing technologies, such senor information could be easily augmented to meet diagnostics or prognostics goals.

Owing to its highly advanced features and functionalities, digital twin technology has already created a lot of buzzes all across the globe. The owners of different industries have gone all agog over this technology. Industries that have started utilizing this technology are automobile, manufacturing, construction, sports, healthcare, aerospace & defense, and the likes.

Reap the Benefits of Digital Twin

There are multiple perks of using digital twin technologies for your business. Some of the most notable benefits of using this tech innovation are the followings –

  • When it comes to minimizing the quality issues of a product, the significance of the digital twin is hard to overlook. Simulating a variety of real-world circumstances, this technology helps a business understand the probable impacts, enhance operations, and pinpoint product quality-related issues, and the like.
  • This technology is capable enough to predict product maintenance failures through simulation models, which can capture data regarding operational scenarios, risk factors, system configurations, etc. The digital twin also works wonders in saving expenses, enhancing equipment reliability, minimizing downtime, and expanding the lifespan of the equipment.
  • Digital twinning plays a crucial role in improving employees’ performance. It can re-create various real-world hazardous situations for training employees. Using this technology, you can train your staff to cope with equipment, which is highly expensive and not physically close to being offered a hands-on training.
  • With the help of digital twin technology, you can improve the overall productivity or efficiency of your business. The best part is that you don’t have to make any kind of experimentation with a physical asset or object for enhancing your business operations. Also, you can easily run simulations in the lab for figuring out the advantages and disadvantages of using any new process. The digital twin will help you identify which adjustment can provide you with the desired results. You don’t even need to postpone or halt any ongoing process to identify this.

Does It Hold a Brighter Future for Us?

A digital twin is certainly one of the most powerful creations of modern technology, but it is not that ultimate silver bullet via which you can fix any mess that you have created in the past. However, by bringing stakeholders and technologies together, this technology is paving the path for a brighter future.

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