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Email Marketing Trends to Hold Their Grounds in 2020

  • March 20th, 2020
  • Marketing

Trends, the outcomes of thorough research and analysis are the integral parts of any procedure, which ultimately help a company stay abreast of the competition. Email marketing, an integral part of Internet marketing, is also subjected to the evolution and discovery of different trends. The field of Email marketing has already undergone several phases to fulfil the swiftly changing needs of the customers.

Just like any other year, the year 2020, too, has its fair share of Email marketing trends, which are dug out down below.

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  • Going Mobile is A Must

From a mere mode of communication to a hyperactive way of life, the mobile phone has evolved exponentially over the years. The ratio of mobile phone users is anticipated to reach about 8 billion in the years to come. Almost all the users prefer to check emails or make a purchase via their cell phones and several other handheld gadgets. Amidst this scenario, you must optimize your Email campaigns to mobile devices to stay updated and relevant. Also, it’s a proven fact that the click-through rates of the well-optimized mails are more likely to soar.

  • Automated Campaigns

With customer-centric approaches seeping into the soil of Email marketing, the concept of ‘one-size-fits-all will lose its ground in 2020. Tapping into the psychologies of the millennials, brands are now paying heed to the individual needs or problems of their customers. This is how; the trend of creating automated and hyper-customized Email campaigns has gained momentum. Backed by hyper-customization, organizations can analyse real-time data and customer behaviours for producing relevant mails.

  • Minimalism is the Key

In this era of simplicity, the OTT formats have become a passé. Hence, the creative experts are inclining toward simple text emails instead of using bright and colourful images in their Emails. There is no doubt in the fact that customers prefer simple mail over garish ones. In this age of polished advertisements and paid posts, clients are looking for authenticity and uniqueness. To tug at the heartstrings of your customers, you should choose minimalist mail designs, texts, formats and images. Also, creating minimalistic mail cuts down on the expenses of an organization.

  • Inclusion of Videos

The popularity of video content is reaching the sky. The millennials are relying on the promotional video clips of a brand to make their purchase decisions. With video content, it's easier to showcase a product or explain its features, thus building a brand’s authority. Some of the most effective video content concepts for an Email marketing campaign include product reviewing, expert roundups, tutorials, unboxing, etc.

  • Integration of Social Media

Social media has become a rage all across the globe. The high-end brands are relying on social media to convey their messages, tap into more audiences, and the likes. To use Email marketing to its fullest potential, you must integrate it with different social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The millennial buyers ask for peer recommendations before forming any purchase decision. When it comes to striking a conversation about a brand, its services/products, etc., nothing can overlook the power of social media. So, the trend of social media integration in Email marketing will continue to gain popularity in 2020 and even beyond.

In a Nutshell

Trends would come and go as per the varying needs or preferences of a certain industry. Stick to the aforementioned trends to utilize Email marketing to its fullest capacity. If need be, you can hire professional Email marketing experts for further assistance. Giving you a better insight into the upcoming trends, they will fulfil your business needs.

Last updated November 9th, 2022

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