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Get Ready to Forward WhatsApp Images & Videos with Text Captions

  • November 30th, 2022
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WhatsApp, one of India's most popular messaging applications, has introduced several new features to enhance the user experience. Most new WhatsApp features are being tested internally and internationally with a limited number of registered users. 

WhatsApp beta users have early access to a few features that the digital marketing company may launch. It is now working on a new feature to improve user media forwarding.  

When a person forwards any material with a caption, it sends without a caption. According to WABetaInfo, who discovered the upgrade, the new feature would allow users to transmit pictures, videos, GIFs, and other documents along with their original captions. 

Other new features that users anticipate seeing from the company include: 

  • Adding 1024 individuals to groups. 

  • Leaving groups discreetly. 

  • Creating polls. 

  • Setting avatars as profile images. 

  • Banning screenshots in conversations. 

The functionality will be available to all users internationally soon. 

What's in the New Update? 

The most recent update has a version number of The beta release includes support for sending subtitles along with media files.  

Documents, videos, GIFs, and images are among the media files. WABetaInfo uncovered the capability, which is now available to a small number of beta users.  

When the feature is enabled, users will see a new message box at the bottom where they may write information or dismiss it by clicking the dismiss icon. When forwarding a message, WhatsApp now allows you to include subtitles.  

As soon as the new function is available, the user can add labels to the message so that the receiver understands the context of the material before downloading it to their phone. According to WABetaInfo, additional beta participants will be able to utilize the functionality in the following days.  

In the meanwhile, update the beta app to the most recent version.WhatsApp has yet to state whether or not the functionality would be available to all users.  

Furthermore, it is still being determined when iOS beta users will be able to use the function. Since the functionalities are presently being tested on Android devices, iOS compatibility should be confirmed soon. 

Upcoming Features 


WhatsApp users may currently communicate with one another. By selecting the 'Message Yourself' option, the instant messaging program now allows users to talk with themselves.  

Blurring Images 

WhatsApp will soon have the ability to blur photographs. This new function allows users to blur or cover up important information in their images.  

According to the report, WhatsApp has created two blur tools that allow users to alter photographs. They may also customize the blur size to apply the effect accurately. 

Auto-download in Desktop 

Users can modify the auto-download settings for documents, photographs, and videos using WhatsApp's desktop apps for Windows and macOS. Only desktop beta users have access to the functionality. 

Groups Icons 

Another new WhatsApp feature that has gotten much attention is the ability to display profile images within group chats. In the group chat, the functionality will display group members' profile photos alongside their messages.  

The feature is presently being worked on. However, it is scheduled to be available for beta testing soon. 

Key Takeaways 

Users can change the existing text when a text box is introduced to the interface. Adding a contextualized description when forwarding a movie or a picture might assist people in comprehending the activity and understanding why you have shared this media material with them.  

WhatsApp restricts the number of forwards a user may send and provides the WhatsApp Group admin the authority to select which information is appropriate for their group. Aside from that, WhatsApp is experimenting with new features and has provided additional tools for users in recent months. 

Last updated December 1st, 2022

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