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Get, Set and Grow with Proactive Customer Services

  • May 17th, 2020
  • Marketing

As the facets of customer care service continue to evolve, one of the areas that have steered a lot of discussions is around how a proactive approach could be more beneficial when compared to the reactive one. Reactive customer service is ideated to respond to buyers only when they reach out to a customer support executive or agent.

Time and again, consumers all across the globe have appeared to appreciate the reactive approach, but recently its popularity has started drooping down. Time has changed drastically, and so have the demands and expectations of millennial consumers. Today, proactive customer service has become an innovative way of delighting consumers, thereby building goodwill for a brand.

Pick the Best Bet from the Proactive Approach

As the name suggests, proactive customer service is infused with a ‘proactive’ approach that believes in finding out the probable issues that a customer might face, and addressing them before anyone turns up asking for any help. Unlike the reactive approach, the proactive consumer service is ideated to assist customers by making the first move to reach out to them.

Unless you wish to lag behind, it is important that you tap into proactive approach to make your customers feel valued. Are you running short of the right strategies to explore a proactive approach? If your response is a ‘yes’ to these questions, you have reached the right place! Keep the following guidelines in mind to give your customer service a much-required tweak, thus bringing the ball back in your court!

  • Ask for feedbacks

Happy and satisfied customers are the backbones of a successful business. What is the best way to find out whether your consumers are content with your services or products? Well, that’s a no-brainer – simply asking for their feedback!

A business, which recurrently checks in with its consumers, is more likely to pinpoint areas of weakness and address them before any consumer turns out to be unhappy. Keeping a tab on each customer on a daily basis is indeed easier said than done. Banking on advanced CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, you can ease out this task to a great extent.

  • Delight Them with Discounts

There is seldom any customer who does not crave discount or offers while making a purchase. One of the best ways to reward consumers’ loyalty is to shower them with lucrative deals, offers, or discounts.

By rewarding your customers, you would be able to build goodwill for your brand. By proactively tapping into your consumers with offers or discounts in between their purchases, you can spell opportunities galore to steer more fruitful interactions with them. This will lead you to build a better and stronger rapport between your brand and your customers.

  • Own up to Your Own Faults

Often, the attempt of brushing your own mistakes under the carpet may end up turning even the most loyal customers against you! However, it’s not just enough to remain transparent to your customers. To really earn trust and adulation from your customers, you must announce your faults before they discover the same.

If you find out that your products or services are not up-to-the-mark, you should better alert your buyers to the matter besides seeking an apology. To break the ice, you may provide them with an exciting offer on their future purchase. Don’t forget to assure them on what measures you are taking to find out a solution to ensure that the mistake does not take place ever again.

  • Resolve Their Queries Properly

In order to resolve the most common customer queries, you should create information-rich and easy-to-read content. According to a recent survey, about 50-55% of consumers are more likely to chuck the idea of making a purchase if they don’t find adequate information to resolve their queries.

To identify the most commonly asked customer queries, you can speak to a consumer-care representative, rummage through survey data, and review consumer service E-mail or call logs.

Wrapping up

According to a recent survey, proactive customer service shall gain huge momentum in the future. It may bank on AI and ML to spell better results in managing customer care services in the days to come. So, stop living under the rock! Be smart, be PROACTIVE.

Last updated August 11th, 2022

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