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Get the ‘Bug’ Out with These Software Solutions

  • May 17th, 2020
  • Marketing

A software bug is a global problem. One of the major concerns with a bug is that it can cripple even the most powerful marketing software that, in turn, will cripple your business. To put it more accurately, a bug can infect software by taking a toll on its features, functionalities, and programs. Thankfully, you can ‘get the bugs out with some effective and qualitative bug-tracking tools or software solutions.

Bug tracking software, widely popular as an issue-tracking system, hints at a tool, which is built to process, submit, and monitor different issues to resolution. When running a larger or a bit more complex project, it’s imperative that your bank upon a bug-tracking tool to ensure that you don’t fall prey to the lethality of any bug.

Unless you consider bugs as a low-priority issue or wish ‘live with them for the rest of your life,’ you should immediately invest in some of the following bug-tracking tools, thus preventing your projects from getting collapsed under any technical glitch. However, a prime consideration that you have to make when buying any of these tools is to determine whether you need paid software or a free one. If you have a tight budget, you can opt for free software and tools. However, you must not forget that a free bug-tracker is more likely to have very limited features or support options.

Here is a list of robust, intuitive, and result-yielding bug-tracking tools that will fix any bug and hold you back from falling behind. Have a look –

  • Lean Testing

This bug-tracking tool has caused a lot of stir owing to its unmatchable capacity. Combining a bug testing and tracking platform, this software can ensure more straightforward, focused, and effective workflow management and bug reporting. Lean Testing is a must-have for those, who are looking to support mobile app testing, web projects, complex software projects et al. Some of the most notable capacities of this software include test cases, reporting, browser plugins, issues tagging, etc.

  • Backlog

Being one of the most powerful bug trackers, Backlog provides better collaboration to fix bugs, prioritize capabilities, and provide full-cycle tracking facilities. This tool can work wonders as a project management software. The paid version of Backlog is capable of assisting businesses at an enterprise level. Some of the most talked-about capacities of this tool include Email bug reporting features, notifications, code management, and the likes.

  • OpenProject

Brace yourself, guys! The FREE version of OpenProject is highly result-yielding. This means that tracking bugs at a stipulated budget (or, even zero budget!!) is no longer an impossibility. It works wonders as a project management system. Hence, besides exploring its bug-tracking facilities, you can also manage the roadmap of a project with ease. The best thing about this software is that its community or free version is absolutely self-installable on the web premise. To explore the cloud-hosted version of this system, you need to pay a certain amount, however. Some of the most crucial features of this software include bug reporting templates, Gannt chart, team collaboration template, etc. Using this tool, you can track time, schedule scrum-style backlogs, customize workflow et al.

  • Zoho

Backed by this bug-tracking software, the software developers of your organization can track, capture, manage, and mitigate bugs or bug-related issues. You can integrate this tool into the larger and more advanced Zoho products i.e. IT custom solutions, Customer Relationship Management, Zoho projects, and the like. The cost-free version of this tool can support quite a handful of clients or users on a project. Zoho is capable of driving better collaboration, importing bug lists, managing users, handling documents, reporting, and so forth.

Striking the right balance between software development and bug management is an important determinant of any company’s long-term growth and success. Bugs are meant to be looked at under the hood, fixed, or demolished. So, don’t leave any room for a BUG to bug you off in the future.

Last updated July 18th, 2022

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