How Artificial Intelligence is Different from Machine Learning?

  • March 19th, 2020
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With technologies taking over the world, there cannot be a better time for us to broaden our knowledge of artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. There is seldom anyone in this world who has not yet heard of AI or ML. Almost all of us know that AI is a discovery of a computer system, which mimics certain human behaviors like speech recognition, decision-making, visual perception, etc. Machine Learning, an integral part of AI, is also transforming society with its advanced features. But, what many of us don’t know is probably the basic differences between AI and ML. These terms might be interchangeable, but they are not at all similar.

Read the following blog to gather a better understanding of both AI and ML. This will help you understand why or how AI is different from ML. Have a look –

A Sneak Peek into Artificial Intelligence –

As the name recommends, Artificial Intelligence is built by humans. It is structured as complex machines incorporating computer properties and carrying out different actions just the way we do. These advanced machines have senses or intellect similar to humans. In many cases, such machines even sense better than human brains. Precisely, AI is the human intellect incorporated into machines.

With technologies evolving at a rapid pace, the ‘intellect quotient’ of Artificial Intelligence is getting better than ever. The AI-integrated tools are capable of manipulating different objects, recognizing complex problems and fixing them, etc. Usually, AI-powered machines could be categorized into two categories – narrow and general. It’s the general AI machines that can deal with complex issues like moving objects, responding to human behaviors, and the like. The narrow AI machines, though limited in their scopes, can carry out only some specific tasks.

Artificial Intelligence can perform and respond similarly to humans because it’s constructed in that way. However, it won’t be logical to state that AI can fully outshine the capacities of a human brain. It has still many more miles to go to replace human intelligence.

The Unknown Facts about Machine Learning

For those, who consider Machine Learning similar to AI, it’s important to know that ML is a part of Artificial Intelligence. It empowers a computer system with the capacity of ‘learning.’ Using the right data, Machine Learning enables machines to learn and predict things accurately.

As per the experts, Machine Learning is a subset of AI and a tactic of training algorithms so it can make decisions on its own. It entails a lot of data to ensure a smooth and seamless training in Machine Learning. Gone are the days when Machine Learning algorithm was limited to the basic AI. These days, it has turned into an integral part of the whole system of Artificial Intelligence. Several complex algorithms are now prepared to offer a better user experience.

In a Nutshell

There is a very thin line between AI and ML. We hope that this blog will help you distinguish Artificial Intelligence from Machine Learning. So, next time, if someone says that AI is no different from ML; you know what to tell him/her!

Last updated August 1st, 2022

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