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How to Build an Effective Google AdWords Search Campaign?

  • May 31st, 2020
  • Marketing

Remember those days when television ads used to ride the crest of popularity for promoting and marketing brands? Well, that’s all passé now. With Google AdWords having taken the world by storm, there is perhaps no entrepreneur who is still unacquainted with this new-age marketing campaign.

The AdWords Search marketing campaigns hint at the subsistence of the AdWords advertising platform of Google. The significance of such highly advanced search campaigns is paramount, especially if you wish to reach another height to revenue for the trade marketing excretions.

In fact, unlike the traditional TV commercials of the 80’s or 90’s in which a brand required quite a substantial budget for getting on the air, a marketer can now get started with Google AdWords within a shoestring budget.

Also, by using AdWords search campaigns of Google; you can easily catapult your business right at the top of SERP when it would seek something in your business service areas, your competitors, or out of just a genuine interest.

If utilized to its utmost capacity, then Google AdWords can generate extremely high volumes of qualitative traffics. Even the smallest of tweaks in a Google AdWords marketing campaign can leave a discernible influence on a brand’s overall profitability.

In this below-mentioned tête-à-tête, we have discussed everything that you should know prior to banking upon Google Ads. This discussion can immensely help you in setting up a well-structured Google AdWords marketing campaign as well.

Bracing up to optimize your search campaigns to gain premium results through your Ads? Make sure to dive in the following excerpt before you take the plunge –

So, What Google Ads is All About?

It is very common that once a marketing trend is set, marketers begin following it blindly, regardless of whether these are working wonders or spelling any benefit. Unfortunately, such is the case with Google AdWords, too.

It’s not a sin to have the faintest idea about AdWords. You are just a human, after all! You may not necessarily know anything and everything! But, this does not mean that you can make a fragile attempt of exploring AdWords without tapping into the basic facts related to it. Anyway, don’t fret! We are right here to your rescue!

Google AdWords is nothing but a paid platform of advertising, which somewhat falls under the online marketing channel widely popular as PPC or Pay-per-Click. In case of PPC or Pay-per-Click, an advertiser is required to make payments per impression or per click on any particular advertisement.

For individuals and organizations, who are unable to generate qualified traffic or drive perfect-fit consumers is spite of a proper marketing strategy, Google Ads could an excellent way to broaden their reach. Google Ads can spell some incredible results in boosting a website’s traffic, maximizing a marketer’s in-store visits, receiving more phone calls, and the likes.

With the help of Google AdWords, you can create, as well as, share engaging and creative advertisements among your intended audiences worldwide. As a result of this, your venture will be seen on the SERPs right at the moment your intended consumers are searching for services or products like yours through Google Maps, Google Search, etc. Thus, you would be able to reach out to your intended audiences by grabbing their interests through your Ads.

Brace up to Set up a Better Google Ads Campaign 

So now, are you are pretty much acquainted with the basics of Google AdWords, it’s time to find the right tips and tricks for setting up Google AdWords campaign in the year 2020. You would be glad and relieved to know that setting up paid Ad campaigns on the search engine giant is quick and easy. The platform will talk you through the setup procedures and offer necessary guidelines along the way.

Upon viewing the site of AdWords and clicking the ‘Start Now’ button, you would be automatically guided through a few steps to get your Google Ads up and running. What might be less obvious are a few more additional things, which you must accomplish to ensure that your Ads can be tracked with ease and set up optimally.  

So, are the Ads already submitted for further reviews? If yes, then consider moving forward with these following steps –

  • Get Your Google Analytics Linked

Your website must have Google Analytics set-ups to help you keep a tab on conversions, traffic, marketing goals, and the likes. Make sure to get your Analytics account linked to your Google AdWords. By striking a link between these accounts, you can analyse, monitor and report between different marketing campaigns and channels with a surprising ease. Plus, you would be able to view all the events at just one place.

  • Include Urchin Tracking Modules

Google generally relies upon the UTM codes, aka, Urchin Tracking Module codes to monitor all the essential activities related to a specified link. Using UTM codes, you will get a prediction on exactly which Ads or offers may lead you to a conversion in the near future. By doing this, a UTM code will help you monitor the most impactful aspects of your marketing campaigns. With UTM codes, it would be easier for you to optimize your Google AdWords as you already know what will work for you.

  • Emphasize Setting up Conversion Tracking

Via conversion tracking, you would know how many leads or consumers you have already generated from your AdWords campaigns. Setting up conversion tracking is not mandatory, but without this, you will just end up making random guesses on your ads’ ROI. With the help of conversion tracking, you can easily monitor your sales on your site, install applications, or make calls through your Ads.

  • Your Ads Must be Integrated to CRM

Integrating your Google Ads to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be an excellent way to keep all the essential data at just one place. By doing this, you can easily monitor, report and analyse your data. Customer Relationship Management system can help you keep a tab on your contact data, business lead flows, etc. By integrating your Google Ads to your CRM system, you will gain the ability to monitor exactly which advertising campaign is helping you to influence your audiences. Thus, your CRM can indirectly help you market your brand/products/services to your audiences with relevant deals, offers et al.

Time to Begin with Bidding 

So, are you done setting up your AdWords campaign? If yes, then start prepping for bidding your Google Ads strategies now. Always remember that your capacity of ranking better in Google will always depend on how impeccably you bid. The amount of bidding would be dependent on your marketing goals and overall budget.

  • Try Manual Bidding

With manual bidding, you can set the total amount of bids for both your keywords and ad groups. Manual bidding will also allow you to minimize your spending on different low-performing Ads.

  • Give Automated Bidding a Shot

Automated bidding should top your priority list, if you wish to adjust your own bids depending on your intended competitors. Using automated bidding strategy, you can set an optimum budget, and the search engine giant will work its level best to let you win the bids even within a stipulated budget.

  • Bid on Some Branded Search Terms

Bidding on branded search terms could be equally beneficial for your Google AdWorks campaign. Branded terms hint at those with your organization or any popular product name in them. Time and again, a lot of debates have taken place to justify whether or not one should invest in bidding on any branded term.

However, by spelling manifold benefits for enterprises across multiple industries, the method of bidding on branded search words has garnered a great deal of adulations as well. One of the biggest perks of this bidding technique is that it may encourage your competitors to bid on your branded terms, thus adding real-time values to your business.

  • Count on CPA

Are you reluctant to spend even a single penny to convert the potential buyers into leads? If yes, then consider building a Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA) strategy as immediately as possible. In this case, you have to make payments only if a prospective lead converts into a consumer. With this strategy, you can easily monitor, as well as, justify the total costs that you spend on your AdWords.

Check Out Some Additional Resources –

To enable your Google AdWords to offer more qualified consumers and business leads, you must count upon any of the following additional resources. You can use these additional resources for setting up a more effective and result-yielding AdWords campaign as well.

These additional resources include –

  • Landing page optimization
  • Thank you page optimization
  • Mobile Google advertisements
  • Google Ads costs optimization
  • Google Ads quality optimization

And, the likes….!

The Final Words

When executed impeccably, Google AdWords could turn out to be a gold mine for any business – irrespective of its nature, size or goal. Given its worldwide authority and reach, Google AdWords must be an integral part of your paid marketing strategy. The best part is that if you wish to explore the manifold perks of AdWords, you can set up a suitable search campaign within a window of time.

Using this campaign, your business will gain a long-term, monumental impact. Make sure to use the aforementioned tips and tricks to commence the stint. By exploring the right strategies, you can build a robust and successful Adwords campaign, and thereby, drive more clicks and convert more leads with ease.

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