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How to Build Stronger Rapport with Your Customers?

  • May 17th, 2020
  • Marketing

There is no denying the fact that repeat customers play a crucial role in helping a business excel, thrive, and stay abreast of the competition. But, sometimes, amid the rush of getting repeat business, you may end up losing even the most loyal consumers, albeit, unknowingly. However, a successful business is not everything about old customers; it’s also about how you win the new consumers.

Winning a new consumer is nothing short of an uphill task! You may splurge huge bucks on them with an expectation of landing even just one sale. Even when a customer makes a purchase for the very first time, there is no assurance that he/she will keep coming back to you. This denotes that the chunk of consumers who frequently make a purchase from you are your brand’s biggest assets. Hence, you just cannot afford to lose them at any cost!

Wondering how to nurture your old customers? What should you do to tap into new audiences? Perhaps, you should fine-tune your customer-care strategies a little bit to inch towards greater profitability. Followings are a bunch of tips and tricks to ensure that your business enjoys a fair share of long-term consumers –

Drive Engagement

One of the most effective ways to keep your customers engaged is to strike a chord with them on a personal level. Greet them with Email messages, shower them with social media posts or delight them with lucrative discounts more often. Besides driving better engagement, this simple yet effective trick will help you strike a stronger bond with them. Always remember that happy customers are the best marketing strategy of all. Long-term consumers usually do a lot better than just purchasing your products. Steer personalized interaction with them so they feel that they share a one-on-one connection with your brand.

Meet and Greet

Nothing is better than the experience of communicating to a brand in person. The customers shall feel a better connection to your brand upon being able to meet you personally or witnessing your products LIVE.  Make sure to seize the right opportunities to meet up with your consumers, using experiential business methods to invite, follow up or proclaim afterward. By allowing your customers to experience your brand on a personal level, you can automatically collect the personal data of every registrant via which you can build a more long-term connection later on.

Bank upon Social Media

When it comes to building a long-term connection with the consumers, nothing can replace the significance and efficacy of social media influence. In this day and age, the Internet and social media have taken the world by storm. There is seldom anyone out there who is not present on any social networking site. Nurturing connections with active social media users shall contribute to your business growth if they recommend your products or services online. Make sure to track the social scores of those customers, if you wish to get a hang of the potential of their online influence.

Make Them Feel Valued

There is seldom any customer in this world, who wishes to feel less valued by a brand. No one is intended to feel as if he/she is only a tool of profits or numbers! As a business starts growing, it becomes difficult for an owner to know or understand each of his/her consumers. To fix this issue, you should include all the essential data of your consumers’ first buys in a database. Maintain a note section in your database so that you can keep on incorporating every minuscule detail of a customer’s purchase history.

Do Something Special for New Buyers

To survive and succeed in the long run, you should win more and more new consumers for your brand. So, what does a customer actually want? To explore the right services/products to add value to their purchase decisions. With engaging and interactive promotional content, you can convey the core messages, success stories, and past laurels, of your brand to the new customers. Transparency and honesty should be the fulcrum of this approach. With such a sensibly thought-out approach, you will add value to their lives, thus encouraging them to keep relying on your brand.

Be Responsive

One of the best ways to tug at the heartstrings of a customer is to be responsive to each of his/her concerns. It’s absolutely unrealistic to assume that your loyal consumers will never have any issue with your brand. Rather, you should always be ready for any sort of criticism or complaint from a customer, who has purchased your products many times in the past. When someone contacts you for any help, you must assist or guide him/her in a friendly manner.

Flag a call for an instant response to evade the risk of losing any consumer. If need be, rummage through different reviews or social media sites where your consumers are expected to share their feedback or concerns regarding their purchases. Take the necessary action to restore their faith in your brand before they end up scaring off the new purchasers.

Happy reading!

Last updated August 10th, 2022

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