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How To Continue Your Business Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic?

  • May 30th, 2020
  • Marketing

What was initially trivialized as just a rare form of pneumonia in China, is now wreaking havoc as a highly contagious and swiftly expanding Corona Virus around the world across! Covid-19 or Corona Virus Disease 2019 has put the global business industry at stake. The Coronavirus pandemic and the resultant lockdown have eventually pushed the worldwide business sectors to a grinding halt! Financial marketing including certain vulnerable sectors i.e. tourism, manufacturing, etc. has hit the rock bottom!

Wondering how to keep up with the continuity of your business amid this scenario? Looking for the right strategies to win over the knock-off impacts of Covid-19? Maybe, you should look into the following excerpt to take a cue on business continuity management by mitigating the impending risks ensued by the Corona pandemic. Have a look –

  • Take Optimum Emergency Measures

First of all, you should understand that braving out through the storm of Covid-19 is a matter of patience, grit, and perseverance. No matter how established or reputed your organization is, you cannot undermine the importance of implementing the basic emergency measures suggested by WHO, aka, World Health Organization.

To keep the risks of having your business operations suspended or interrupted, you must follow each and every safety measure recommended by the health authority of WHO. This will include sanitizing the workplace, instructing your staff to practice social distancing, abiding by travel restrictions, and the like.

  • Put Infrastructure Risks at Bay

With the Corona pandemic having taken the business world by storm, the necessity and popularity of remote working have begun soaring. However, seemingly less troublesome, remote working entails a number of challenges and complexities in reality.  To support the bigger loads of remote workers, an organization is required to have readiness with every component of the infrastructure.

To maintain a smooth and seamless workflow, you should have adequate bandwidth at your disposal to stay connected to head office resources. This apart, you must own the essential software or hardware license for supporting remote access. There should be ample computer systems or laptops available from your end for your remote staff.

Don’t forget to check whether you have the right attendance management software and hardware available at your disposal. To keep a tab on the daily performance of your remote staff, you should rely upon employee performance software and tools.

  • Keep Your Data Protected

The right and accurate data is the backbone of every business – regardless of its size or nature. Hence, data will always play a crucial role for your business, no matter whether your employees are working remotely or from the workplace. To bolster data security, you must ensure the documentation and implementation of all the data safety policies in the first place.

Don’t forget to check if you can restrict the unlimited sharing of data at a group or user level. Check whether your users are capable of controlling each level of rights or access to your business data. Also, you should value the supply of auto data sync capacities to prevent data loss or leakage in case of any hardware failure.

  • Stay Connected to Your Employees –

The overall growth and success of your business is largely dependent on your employees. In fact, it won’t be wrong to deem them as the prime stakeholders of your business. Hence, you cannot leave your staff on their own discretion.

The global business industry is going through a very trying and tough time, courtesy the Corona pandemic and ensued lockdown! To help your employees cope with such a situation, you should take adequate supportive measures to guide them properly.

Make sure to keep your staff well-informed of every piece of information about the Covid-19 country laws. Always remember that only true, accurate, and legitimate information should be notified and shared with them. In case of the unavailability or absence of any employee, you must map out the key responsibilities of their substitutes.

Social distancing should be maintained at any cost to prevent Coronavirus from spreading further. To keep up with social distancing, you should check if any of your staff can work in any other shift with reduced hours so they can maintain social distancing. To stay in touch with or motivate the remote workers, you must interact with them as often as possible.

  • Bolster Cyber Security

In this climatic time of the Corona pandemic, cyber threats are increasing at lightning speed. Cyber criminals are targeting both middle and larger organizations worldwide. Hence, it’s essential that you take adequate measures related to cyber protection.

No matter how occupied you are, you must monitor every event to ensure that the right security patches are implemented in a timely manner. Don’t forget to track all the publicly published apps and assure ample security control. The importance of ensuring the overall protection of each critical location is paramount.

To ensure that the remote employees are working without any hassle, you must take remote surveillance into serious consideration. Whenever a crisis situation occurs, you should consider preparing and performing the necessary security awareness sessions. Make it a point to check, as well as, update the antivirus signatures on a daily basis. This apart, it is also important to profile all the operating systems prior to striking a chord of connection to corporate networks.

  • Fix Business Operational Risks

Are you looking to keep business operational risks at bay? If your answer is a loud yes, then consider arranging work or access-related permits for all those employees who need physical access. All the major issues along with the counter-measures regarding the supply chain should be kept in the form of an official draft.

As mentioned earlier, the importance of social distancing is paramount when it comes to holding Coronavirus back from further contamination. Consider planning out the right strategies to set up a new workplace or even close your office premise for maintaining the ‘much-required distance’ from all and sundry.

Squeeze out some time from your packed-up schedule to evaluate every option via which you can optimize your business expenses. Besides this, you should also re-evaluate your business portfolios and processes to stabilize your business operations so that it can counter the knock-off influences of the economy.

To mitigate the further risks related to your business operations, you should point out all the possible shortcomings and their counter-measures ahead of time, so you can keep your venture protected in the long run. To have a smooth sail for your business operations, you may need to re-define all the major Operational Level Agreements (OLA) and Service Level Agreements (SLA) as well.

The Bottom Line

Owing to the Corona pandemic, business continuity management is already in shambles. This pandemic will leave an indelible impact on the overall continuity of a business. But, the good news is that you can brave through this simply by implementing the right measures at the right time. Covid-19 is still on a rise, and there are chances galore that a few organizations may unearth some new strategies to mitigate the possible risks of this earth-shattering pandemic.

The business industry across the globe is wrapped in a lot of challenges and uncertainties at this point in time. But, with all such complexities and doubts, there are still manifold opportunities on the horizon. As of now, just wait patiently for a new tomorrow. Use this phase to your own advantage by sticking around the aforementioned suggestions and considering the right strategies to boost your business operations for the upcoming days.

Happy reading!

Last updated November 7th, 2022

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