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iOS or Android – What Should Top Your Priority and Why?

  • February 6th, 2023
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“What should I opt for – iOS or Android?”

Dilemmas like this has taken most of the millennials for a swing! Are you, too, stuck in any such confusion? If yes, then probably you should snatch some time out to read the following excerpt, and zero in on a decision suitable for your requisites, budget, and other preferences.

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iOS vs. Android – A Never-Ending Battle!

When you ask someone if you should hire the best android app development company or invest in hiring iOS developers, you will never get a favourable response. To decide whether you should favour iOS over Android, you should evaluate your business goals, scope, targeted market, budget, and intended customer base.

Let us spotlight some bits and pieces of a brief research on this subject for making this matter a tad clear. We hope that it will help you take a wise decision.

Prior to hiring the best iOS app development company in your city, you should pay heed to some of these following factors to make a wise decision –

Country-Centric Audiences Matter

Backed by an advanced web analytics tool, you can easily track your website engagement and traffic. Try to figure out from where the biggest number of visitors are accessing your site. Always remember that the prime motivation behind the development of your app should be to tap into your leads and existing customers.

Keep a Track of Demographics

According to the latest surveys, Android apps are holding the biggest share across the globe. Android is ruling the roost in the mobile market across the developing countries.On the other hand, some market researchers have proved that iOS apps are preferred by the users hailing from the developed countries. If you are looking to target the high-income customers, consider developing your application on iOS. If middle-income consumers are your target, Android should top your priority.

Keep Screen Resolution in Consideration

The next important point you should take into a serious consideration is the screen size and resolution of your target audiences’ devices. Apple is the only brand to build the OS for its iPhones. On the contrary, Google has delegated this right to other organizations so they can build their own mobile phones to run Android operating systems on them.

Resultantly, all the smartphone devices built by different organizations differ in their screen sizes, resolutions, etc. This increases the overall complexity, too. Hence, you need to keep a tab on these two components while making a decision between iOS and Android.

Marketing Influences of OS Version Discrepancies

There are only just a few actively used versions of OS in iOS thus demanding a comparatively low operational cost for maintaining and updating an application. Of every user of iPhone, almost 98% presently rely on the latest versions of iOS.As a result of this, the decision of developing a business application on a specific version of Operating System is a bit easier and lesser complex to build for an iOS platform.

On the other hand, the overall ratio of users using Android OS is comparatively small. In case, you’re looking to launch your application on Android, you must exercise control over its other variants. Furthermore, you should carry out rigorous in-app testing and invest time in fixing bugs.

The Final Takeaway

Apps that are equal parts user-friendly and feature-packed are in huge demand at this moment. Hence, no matter what you choose between iOS and Android, you shouldn’t skimp on the quality part to refrain your business app from earning a bad rap in the market.

In case you’re still unbale to decide between Android and iOS, you should consult a renowned custom software development company in India to get professional assistance in decision making.

Last updated February 6th, 2023

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