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Is Agile Decision Making Worth All The Hypes?

  • May 17th, 2020
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Agile decision-making has been a highly ‘talked-about’ topic for quite some time now. What makes, this so popular is the endless possibilities it offers in ensuring more successful project management. In this day and age of digital disruption, a deluge of information can be availed from multiple sources at lightning speed! Such information overload may slow down the decision-making process of your business. You need an advanced means to collect the right data and input for making better business decisions. This is where agile decision-making comes into play.

What Is It and Why Is It So Important?

Making business decisions with agility mainly indicates at working with iteration, collaboration, and transparency. To put it more precisely, the process of agile decision-making means building an iterative, transparent, and collaborative team wherein the stakeholders can remain updated of their assigned tasks on a daily interval. They should share feedback transparently, iteratively and collaboratively.

This will help a team identify the areas that require improvement or change. Agile decision-making believes in the power of working unanimously – whether it’s to discuss different issues together or ideate solutions together. In a team, which abides by the ideologies of agile thinking or decision making, every leader, manager, and executive should release the reins unanimously to narrow down at more informed and effective decisions.

Is This Worth Giving a Shot?

From the aforementioned tête-à-tête, it’s quite evident that agile decision-making never hints at any on-the-fly or rushed change or improvement based on a stakeholder’s whims. It is not about making decisions faster or blowing up an estimated budget to fulfil any requisite. Rather, working on the method of agile decision-making refers to iterative progress, which later helps in empowering a team.  

So, Are You Game?

Are you all set to give agile decision-making a try? Before you go ahead and take the plunge, let us make you aware of the fact that iterative feedback and delivery are the integral aspects of this method.

Follow these tried-and-tested tips and tricks to dabble in agile decision-making to manage a project –

  • Make it a point to get iterative feedback. Regular feedback on your work will cut down the risk of any major disruption, which needs to be solved by a complex decision-making method. With iterated feedback, your team can make the required adjustments and incremental pivots with a lot more ease.
  • When it comes to striking a balance between autonomy and alignment, the importance of agile decision-making is unavoidable. By giving a regular update of its overall progress, an agile team shall remain more conscious and aware while making important business decisions.
  • Every project manager puts a strong emphasis on deadlines, due dates, timelines, and the like. Proper agile decision-making requires a well-specified timeline. An best agile project manager software should set deadlines for each project. However, the time of analysis is required to be deducted from this specified timeline. It helps in alleviating problems like analysis paralysis, etc. as the staff would be compelled to move ahead with more informed and accurate decisions.
  • Last, but not least, agile decision-making cuts the risks of getting sloppy at the time of managing a project. With an agile strategy, the project managers can share regular updates, brainstorm better ideas for improvements, strategize the further blocks of assignments, and receive valuable reviews on what’s been delivered.

Take Away

So, do you want to be smart and successful in regard to project management? Get AGILE! Upon being utilized and applied properly, agile decision-making can provide you with a wider world of opportunities to manage your projects. Make sure to learn more about this method. Seek to innovate. And, you would be surprised to see how beneficial it could be for your venture.

Last updated July 22nd, 2022

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