Common AI Myths

It’s Time to Debunk These Common AI Myths

  • May 31st, 2020
  • Marketing

Over the recent years, Artificial Intelligence has made great strides in global marketing. With AI having marched into our lives, a mammoth industrial revolution has started touching and transforming almost all the spheres of our lives.

As wine, both technology and automation are getting better over the course of time. Whether it’s to identify certain terminal medical conditions, launch self-driving vehicles, or ease out the millennials’ rudimentary chores – some phenomenal breakthroughs await on the horizon.

In spite of its pre-eminence and ubiquity, Artificial Intelligence happens to be wrapped under numerous myths and misconceptions. Although, the notion of Artificial Intelligence is becoming an integral aspect of business-talks, its implementation and execution seems to be stagnated due to a few myths associated with it. There are many marketers out there, who are still sceptical and suspicious of it.

Such myths and misconceptions should be busted immediately! In this following tête-à-tête, we shall strive to bust some of the most widespread misgivings about Artificial Intelligence. And, here we go –

  • Myth 1- AI is No Different from a Robot!

It’s a fact that robots and AI are inter-connected, but it’s pointless to assume that both of them are same! The true fact is that robots are borne out of AI. Robot and AI have different purposes to resolve. Robots are high-functional programmable machines, which hold the capacity to perform certain activities, either automatically or semi-automatically.

Even though, Artificial Intelligence assists a robot with its cognitive capacities, yet it is different from a robot. The programs of a robot are meticulously ideated and designed to carry out different tasks that involve human intellect. This is the reason why, it’s a fallacy to assume that there is no difference between AI and robots.

  • Myth 2 – Human Intellect Could be Replaced by AI!

The potential and power of AI is unbound, and it has no limits. But, Artificial Intelligence is still not capable enough of replacing human intellects. Lot of employees may fear that their careers might be in a shambles with AI-integrated resolutions.

A precision-powered machine, which has no need for personal development, could be a seemingly alternative option for companies. But, it’s definitely not as assertive as it seems to be! As per a recent survey, the automation jobs may put about 15,000 staff to employment, and the top-tier companies might use $700 million bucks on yearly remunerations to make it happen.

Hence, you are utterly wrong if you assume that AI shall strip human employees from their respective job responsibilities. Artificial Intelligence may take execution, continuous enhancement and quality assurance, which could be possible with the traditional Homo sapiens only.

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  • Myth 3 – AI is Not Beneficial for Every Business Sector!

There are many entrepreneurs out there, who still believe that Artificial Intelligence is not every business’s cup of tea. In fact, only certain specific business sectors can reap its benefits. That’s utterly wrong! By not exploring the perks of AI, even a well-established organization may unknowingly strip success from its future endeavours.

Without Artificial Intelligence, a business may not be able to enhance its process management, thus losing out on many opportunities. When utilized to its utmost capacity, Artificial Intelligence will add manifold benefits to your marketing strategies, audience engagement, sales growth, etc.

The potential of AI is unprecedented, and every business – irrespective of its nature or objective – should bank upon it to address complex issues and make better decisions.

  • Myth 4 – Data Processing is Possible with AI Algorithms!

According to many people, Machine Learning algorithm is capable of making decisions minus any human assistance. This is untrue! This is true that ML algorithm is an integral aspect of an entire system.

 It’s also true that ML algorithm is highly robust and connected to human brains, and it can make even make the most of muddled data. But, algorithm is incapable of making decisions on its own. The working mechanism of an ML model is not just about ‘loading and executing.’ A certain piece of data is needed to spell the desired results.

In the absence of qualitative and accurate data, even the best of ML algorithms cannot provide the optimum results.

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  • Myth 5 – Human Emotions are Imitable by AI!

The computerized, humanoid chabots may have the ability to mimic certain human actions i.e. decision making, speech recognition, etc., but they are incapable of mimicking human sentiments sans experiencing the same emotions themselves.

A major advantage that human will always have over bots is their ability to run social conversations. However, many prolific thinkers are of the notion that AI-integrated robots would be able to imitate all the human sentiments sooner or later.

But, the reality is that, no matter how intelligent or advanced an automated machine may get, it won’t be able to authenticate any social conversation without human assistance.

  • Myth 6 – Muddled Data Could be Processed by AI Algorithm!

AI algorithms are based on a deluge of data. Such data need to be accurate, updated and relevant to enable AI algorithms to be amply effective. For an AI-integrated tool to be able to work seamlessly, it’s mandate to have an access to accurate and relevant data.

The premium AI algorithms cannot be produced by a set of muddled or faulty data. Another major myth related to AI algorithm is that it holds the ability to auto-correct itself. It can also find its way out when any data is muddled or messed up.

However, the truth is that AI is just a high-tech program, which needs accurate data to perform optimally. So, it’s time to debunk the misgiving that AI algorithm is able to work on inaccurate or untidy data.

Nip the AI Myths in Bud :-

Artificial Intelligence is not the future anymore; it is NOW. While it is always pleasurable to be opinionated on how to address AI shortcomings, the truth is that a number of myths surrounding Artificial Intelligence may become unfavourable to reap its optimum benefits.

AI is a swiftly-developing aid for the millennial entrepreneurs worldwide. Using this technology, you can power up the hardworking staff and obtain measure-driven outcomes. When integrated by an organization, AI can bring down its operational expenses and save a great deal of time.

Change is absolutely inevitable, and all of us must embrace it with our arms wide open. Rather than looking at Artificial Intelligence via a lens of doubt, we must explore every bit of it to embrace a better and brighter future.

Last updated August 10th, 2022

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