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Let’s Unlock the Future of Digital Marketing

  • July 19th, 2022
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When it comes to growing a business and driving revenue opportunities, the importance of digital marketing services in Kolkata comes into play. If you’re new to the concept of digital marketing, you might get overwhelmed by an inordinate amount of

marketing channels and strategies! Howsoever, you’ll be glad to know that digital marketing holds a bright future, especially in a country like India.

The Covid-induced pandemic and resultant lockdowns have affected our lives to a great extent. This whole rigmarole of Coronavirus has had uncountable effects on almost every sphere of our lives, out of which the way different online spaces have been offered a new license to be deemed as a marketing channel.

With regards to technological evolution, we’ve reached a point where tech solutions, fuelled by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud processing, etc., are enabling modern organizations to mesh physical and virtual worlds with surprising ease.

Owing to such a barrage of digital advancements, the sectors of digital marketing are now poised for tremendous growth in the upcoming years. As we tap into virtual and augmented reality, and explore an array of edgy technologies, our focus is now squarely rooted in a futurist horizon which harks out “what comes next” for digital marketing.

So, without wasting any further time, let’s check out what kind of future holds for digital marketing!

Have a look –

Digital Marketing and Its Future

According to a recent survey, the total number of web users across India is poised to reach about 666 million by the year 2023. As per Global Data’s survey, the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns would propel the Indian online business industry to thrive to approximately 7 trillion rupees in the years to come – most preferably by 2023.

As per the Goldman Sachs estimation, the overall breadth of digital advertising-related professions would be worth around $160B by the year 2025. This is undoubtedly quite a lot more than what it is right now. In fact, by the year 2022, there should be about 1000 million Internet users across the globe.

Make Inroads For The Future

Banking upon services offered by a digital marketing agency is imperative if you’re looking to make inroads for the future. Online marketing is the only powerful way, which will help you stay afloat, and stay infallible against the changing whims of today’s market.

You can help your business expand, thrive, excel, and succeed by exploring the advanced and practical marketing methods offered by digital marketing services in Kolkata. The advanced digital businesses are swiftly progressing owing to the evolving technologies i.e. Programmatic Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Conversational Advertising, Chatbots, and more!

Trends That Are Expected to Create A Buzz

Before you go ahead and count on a digital or software development company in Kolkata, you should learn more about some trends, which will gather steam in the upcoming years –

  • AI to Gain Momentum

The range of Artificial Intelligence is incredibly wide. Even in online marketing, AI applications are important. Artificial Intelligence conducts a met analysis of wide-scale data sets in the context of online marketing.

The decision-making procedure is assisted by this AI-driven data. To provide customers with an individualised experience, AI would work as an important benchmark in online marketing.

  • Changes in Traditional Marketing

The conventional marketing strategies were limited to door-to-door or word-of-mouth advertising. In the past, business owners used to promote their products by employing human labour. Howsoever, today every individual wants everything right on the tips of their fingers because of the changing times.

In addition to this, every business's top priority is to fulfill its buyers’ requirements.

Digital marketing gained popularity just some years earlier. These days, the web makes it possible to spot everything. This marketing trend in online marketing is assisting both marketers and consumers.

  • A Scout for Global Markets

Thinking local but serving global – that’s what digital marketing companies are prioritising! One can tap into audiences internationally with the usage of different virtual networking sites including, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Such sites will serve more audiences, and you can connect to them easily via such platforms.

Many business owners are conducting their businesses in India with the United States as their intended market. Hence, with social network sites, everything is possible! Many American businesses are expected to favour Indian digital marketing companies while organizing their virtual initiatives.

  • Affordability is the Key

Digital marketing is an effective economical medium for advertising goods or products as compared to several other marketing platforms. The efficiency of print media is a passe now as digital ads are causing abuzz all across the world.

Online marketing operations are getting widely invested in by an array of Industries and start-up companies. They are looking for people, who can grow and put different digital marketing strategies into practice, which are suitable for their requirements.

  • Maximized Usage of the Web

There were around 259 million web users in the year 2015 whereas there were about 331 million by the year 2017. In 2022, it’s anticipated that there would be an incredible hike in the total number of users actively using the Internet. Owing to the increasing population and economic growth of India, people are increasingly becoming dependent on the web in the future.

So, what are you still waiting for? Go ahead and pick a company offering premium digital marketing services in Kolkata to watch your business grow.

Last updated July 19th, 2022

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