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List of Services Provided by a Software Development Company

  • July 27th, 2022
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Software development is a function that is an integral part of any kind of business. The process is more important for a company's growth than the owners tend to admit. It is one of the most effective ways of showcasing your brand in front of all potential customers.

An official business application or website will turn your business into a brand. Through an application, customers can conveniently purchase products and services from you.

Now you can very well employ your in-house team of developers to develop the app for your business, but that might not be the best idea. To build a robust application, you need a team of experts to handle its development. 

Software development is also the reason why your business apps get maintained. Any app needs to get updated after a certain period. It is to ensure that the app does not lack any of the latest features. If you hire an agency, they will ensure that all your apps are updated regularly.

There are multiple other services that software creation agencies offer to their clients. In this article, we will inform you in detail about all the crucial services that popular software creation agencies offer. Let us take a detailed look at some significant ones.

Benefits of Hiring Software Development Services

  • Cost-Effectiveness

It is one of the most significant benefits, saving on your investment. When a business uses ready-made software, several risks may be attached to it. First, that application is not developed with the business functions of a particular company in mind. In the long run, you may discover that the app is not functioning correctly, and it may need to be developed from scratch to get rid of the bug that is bothering you.

On the other hand, curated software is developed in a certain way. You know what features you want to incorporate within the app you are creating for your brand. You have the freedom to plan the app's development based on the budget you are allocated to it. Moreover, you can also choose to develop an MVP version at first and then move on with creating the full-fledged software.

  • Security

While developing software, developers can enjoy the liberty of making sure they use tools that strengthen the security of any particular application. An application is also tested more rigorously by all the testers, so the developers have a higher chance of detecting one specific bug.

  • Constant Support

When you invest money in IT consulting services, you become eligible for constant customer support. A developer is bound to ensure that you do not face issues during the life cycle of an app. Suppose even the tiniest of problems are discovered. In that case, the developers will ensure that the specific issue is addressed and dealt with.

  • Ownership Benefits

When you invest money in developing a piece of software, you include exclusive features. It is an app that is created only for your business. You will have complete ownership of that app for as long as you choose to use it for your business.

Important Development Services offered by Agencies

1. Custom Software Development

General pieces of software produced in bulk are generally released to public users. These apps are developed with no specific features or characteristics. On the other hand, Custom software is a piece of software created on-demand. You may hire a software development company, and you want them to develop a particular application with specific features.

A general piece of software is developed using a pattern. In contrast, a piece of custom software is created keeping the client's requirements in mind. It is designed differently for different clients, as each may be used to fulfill a specific set of requirements.

Companies need custom applications to accommodate features that are exclusive to their brand. Building custom software helps businesses stay ahead of their competitors.

Custom software development refers to the process of developing applications based exactly on the requirements of a business owner. If you are paying to develop an app for your website, you must want certain features to be in it.

After you inform the agency about your requirements, it will develop an application based on those, and the process will be known as custom software development.

2. Web Application Development

It is the service for which most businesses opt for third-party application development services. When a business owner is trying to reach a higher number of customers, he is encouraged to get a website created. The next step is developing a web application. Taking help from third-party software development companies helps them develop a more robust web app.

3. Mobile App Development

This service you must already be aware of. When a service provider develops a website or web application for your business, he also needs to ensure that he develops a mobile version of that app. If you hire software development services firms, you will always. 

4. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the availability of computing resources, such as data and processing, all available upon demand. This sharing of resources allows cloud computing to achieve a high level of economy of scale. Overall, cloud computing refers to the use of data centers to serve customers all around the internet.

5. DevOps Automation​​​​​​​

It is apparent from the name itself that DevOps is the process of combining software development with operations, which are generally two separate functions. The main purpose of DevOps is to cut down the software development lifecycle and constantly deliver high-quality applications.

The overall process, however, is characterized by several disadvantages, which involve some process gaps, which then craves manual intervention. Other disadvantages include missing information chains and communication delays.

6. Software Prototyping​​​​​​​

This process is a popular one, and you are most likely aware of it if you have previously hired a software creation agency. Software prototyping is a process that involves deliberately creating incomplete versions of an application, which leaves room for progressive improvement.

It is similar to prototyping in other industries and fields, such as manufacturing and mechanical engineering. A software prototype can only make use of some of the limited features. The main advantage of software prototyping is that you can get constant feedback from the users.

The prototyping life cycle consists of a total of four phases, which are repeated multiple times. These are requirements, development, review, and enhancement. The initial development phase focuses only on the UI. In the review phase, an app is reviewed by the users, and changes are recommended.

7. Quality Assurance​​​​​​​

Quality Assurance or QA is a very popular service offered and delivered by software development agencies. It is meant to inform the stakeholders about the quality of the application. It also provides a review to the owner, which includes information about the risks of implementing the particular piece of software.

Quality assurance involves software testing, which also verifies if a particular software can perform all the required tasks and, if not, which tasks it can perform, which may or may not be the requirement of the owner.

Hiring a Software Development Agency is Profitable

From the benefits mentioned above, you may already be certain that investing in software development services is a profitable alternative. From the services listed above, you also have an idea of which services you can use to grow your business.

Last updated July 27th, 2022

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