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List of the Top 5 Software for Chatbot for your Business

  • August 4th, 2022
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Chatbot software development is a function that is crucial in this modern age for the growth of all kinds of businesses. At present, you must make sure all the latest technologies are incorporated into your business functions. Competition is fierce in the present time, and new organisations are being created almost every day.

AI powered chatbots, and artificial intelligence, as you already know, is a technology that is booming. It is constantly being incorporated into the business functions of a large number of organisations. However, there are still many companies which still have not started making full use of the technology.

Suppose you are one such business yet to introduce chatbots into your processes. In that case, this article is going to help you.

Here we are going to list several software that will help you develop chatbots and help you smooth down your business processes.

List of the Best Software for Chatbot Development


Hubspot is a top-rated AI chatbot development company, which includes a CRM and a suite of multiple marketing tools, including live chat and premium, smart chatbot builders.

The best part of this software is the ability to entirely modify the chat design so that you can transform it into one that matches your website design and branding. Another excellent feature is that you do not need to know any code to use. You have the liberty to create automated chatbot responses and workflows.

You will also be able to follow up with all your leads, thanks to the simple chat integration with all the powerful CRM features. In addition to the AI chatbot, Hubspot also offers a variety of robust marketing tools like email templates, in-depth analytics, cart abandonment emails and segmentation.

Regarding pricing, Hubspot offers a Sales Hub Plan, in which everything it provides is included. You can initially get started with HubSpot chatbots for free and later opt for the paid plan when you feel the need. The plan, including all the features, starts at 45 dollars per month.


ManyChat is one of those chatbot software companies which offers a Facebook messenger chatbot builder. As you may already be aware, around a 1.3billion people worldwide use Facebook Messenger. Get your chatbot developed by them. You will automatically have access to powerful retargeting options on the Facebook platform.

To explain more clearly, it helps you boost sales, create leads and substantially minimise cart abandonment. ManyChat is relatively simple to use, as it has an easy drag and drop interface, which eases the chatbot development process for your Facebook page.

It has a free plan, which helps you start as a beginner and build an idea about the software. The free plan offers basic quick-start templates, two drip sequences and ten tags to segment the audience. The paid plan offers all the above features but unlimited in number.


Tidio is a marketing chatbot development company that helps you communicate with your customers and clients using mobile and web-friendly chatbots and a Facebook messenger chatbot.

It has an easy-to-understand dashboard and a mobile app, making it easier for users to raise an inquiry at any given time and place. You will also have the freedom to use automation to respond to users' queries.

Video does have a free plan, but it does not include chatbots. Its paid plan begins from 49 dollars per month.


Drift is a custom chatbot development company which lets you create an impactful combination of live chat and automated chatbots. It also seamlessly integrates the most popular CRMs and email marketing services.

It allows you to actively start a conversation with users who are already in the process of checking out the products and services offered by your business. It helps you transform the conversation into conversions and, in the process, generate more sales.

It charges you 400 dollars annually, which includes a maximum of five members.


If you opt for any custom software development services India, you will come across the name Freshchat. It helps you to build chatbots for multiple platforms, including Whatsapp, Messenger and Apple Business Chat.

It is powered by the famous artificial intelligence algorithm 'Freddy'. It is designed to detect and understand the intent and engage your customers' conversations.

Its machine learning abilities can point out potential customers and create a list of prospect questions that need better answers.

It costs around 69 dollars every month.

Incorporate Chatbots to Make Your Business Future-Proof

From the above article, you must have understood why the inclusion of chatbots into your business processes is a crucial move. No matter which custom software development company in India you choose, they will give you the same recommendation. Use the above list to smoothen the process of introducing AI chatbots.

Last updated August 5th, 2022

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