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  • July 14th, 2022
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Think of a top-quality, high-performance web technology, and what’s affordable enough to suit your budget! Node.js development services, the most ideal solutions for building real-time, data-centric applications, neatly fits the bill.

But, wait, why Node.js, and what does it actually mean to the next-gen mobile and web app developers? To find that out, let’s give you a peek into every thing you need to know about Node.js, what it does, its overall efficacy, and reasons why you need to bank upon it.

Node.js – The Marvel of New-Age Web Technology!

Before you go ahead, and invest in Node.js development services, you should have a clear idea of what Node.js is all about. Originally a server-side web technology, Node.js is an event-centric JavaScript runtime environment, aimed at creating secure and scalable network apps. It came into being in the year 2009. And, since then, it’s been consistently holding the popularity ground and how!

Today, there is no dearth of robust and edgy web technologies. Amidst many other technologies including PHP, React, Angular, etc., Node.js has undoubtedly made its mark as a reliable application framework for programming.

Node.js – the New Disrupter of the App Development Industry

For those, looking to know more about this popular framework, it’s important to know that Node.js is actually based on the V8 engine of Google Chrome. It implies that the same engine applied in Google Chrome for running a JavaScript code is utilized in Node.js, too.

Although, the main purpose of using Node.js is to streamline web server programming, yet its utilities are to be found across multiple other areas including script creation, tools that create command line, real-time app development, etc.

The efficacy of Node.js is paramount when it comes to developing real-time and data-intensive mobile and web applications. Originally based on JavaScript, this framework could be utilized at the backend to bring ease and agility in the development process.

If you’re planning to build real-time, high-traffic-driven apps for your business, you should make Node.js your one-stop priority. If utilized to its utmost capacity, Node.js can work wonders in developing high-quality network applications, mobile applications or web applications of different scales, sizes, or capacities.

Features That Single Node.js Out from the Crowd

Here’s presenting a low-down on some of the most impeccable features of Node.js, owing to which, this framework continues to earn trust and accolades from the world across!  

Have a look –

  • Node.js is second-to-none when it comes to building real-time applications. There are many top-tier organizations in the world, that have banked upon this robust framework to build gaming and chatting apps. If the programmers of your development squad are looking for a non-blocking server, you must make Node.js your priority topper!
  • Another mention-worthy feature of Node.js is its ability to save time! Backed by this edgy framework, the app developers of your team can code JavaScript on both client/back-end and server/front-end sides. As a result, you can save a lot of time.
  • By creating a collab between Node.js and NW.js, you can build user-engaging and cutting-edge cross-platform applications without any hassle!
  • Last, but not least, Node.js comes up is of non-blocking nature. Thanks to this feature, you can develop lightweight, secure, network-friendly, high-performing, and scalable applications using this framework.

Reasons Why You Need to Switch to Node.js

Since its inception, Node.js has created quite a buzz across the globe. And, there are multiple reasons why Node.js screams popularity! Below are mentioned some of its most remarkable benefits, owing to which, Node.js is ruling the roost at this moment.

Have a glance –

1. Hassle-Free Data Streaming

Backed by the HTTP request, as well as, responses, Node.js can stream data and process or upload files at a very fast pace. Leveraging this perk, you can deploy real-time audio and video recordings within a very short span of time!

2. It’s As Speedy As Light

As already mentioned earlier, Node.js is based upon Google’s V8 engine and written on JavaScript. As a result, everything done on this framework could be wrapped at the blink of your eye! This apart, Node.js works wonders in shooting up the overall speed of other frameworks, too.

3. Single Thread Creation Simplified

Using Node.js, you can bring ease in the creation of a single thread. A single thread refers to an event loop, which is meant for different kinds of asynchronous input/output operations.

4. Greater Efficiency, More Productivity

Node.js refers to a JavaScript runtime environment, which enables different organizations to minimize dependencies between multiple silos. Both back-end and front-end teams of your company could be merged into a single team, and bolster the overall efficacy of the mobile or web app development process.

5. A Multitude of Microservices

Another remarkable perk of Node.js is the multitude of microservices it offers to smoothen up a software development process. This framework could be instrumental in supporting a serverless approach. Also, it’s been extremely effective in developing enterprise-level projects besides boosting Node.JS consulting.

6. A Stronger Community

As a highly robust open-source framework, Node.js has a multitude of dynamic modules and tools to offer as an integral part of its Node Package Manager (NPM). The swiftly growing popularity of this platform is gradually making the Node community more powerful with multiple updated modules and tools.

7. Works As an Amazing Proxy Server

For server-side apps, which are required pulling in an inordinate amount of data from multiple sources, Node.js could work as an affordable framework. It could be utilized to proxy multiple services, which deal with different response timings. This way, you can bypass the expenses of setting up a proxy infrastructure with the use of Node.js.

Think Big and Beyond of Development with Node.js

From the aforementioned tête-à-tête, it’s pretty clear that Node.js has successfully cut through the noise as a technically- advanced mobile and web app development platform.

Both small- and large-scale businesses are leaning to Node.js to bring success in their development stints. If you, too, are looking to build fast-operating, robust, and premium applications, hire Node.JS experts without making any further delay.

Last updated July 20th, 2022

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