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Perks of User-Generated Contents in Reducing Employee Training Cost

  • May 17th, 2020
  • Marketing

Take a look around your organization. How many efficient and truly skilled employees do you see? Not more than just a handful! Surprisingly, over the past few years, the number of efficient employees has dwindled to a huge extent, courtesy of the millennials’ increasing tendency of making career switches.

A recent survey has found that the majority of young and millennial employees – about 62-65% – would ideally prefer to switch employers or change jobs as frequently as possible. Small wonder then employers are seeking new ways to engage and retain the employees while fostering efficiency, proactivity, and connectivity. As a result of this, the worldwide popularity of ongoing employee training is soaring high, thanks to its incredible efficacy in empowering and retaining employees internally.

However, with ongoing employee training, cost matters a lot. According to a recent survey conducted by the Training Magazine, a large number of small and middle organizations across the globe have splurged a lot in training their staff.

Although the advanced learning technologies have successfully cut down the dependency on expensive classroom instructions, it’s undeniable that still, a huge chunk of money goes into hiring proficient corporate trainers and producing engaging, customized, and effective E-learning content. To ensure that the organizations don’t lose business capital to burnout, they have started incorporating user-generated content.

A Quick Round-Up of User-Generated Contents

So, what is user-generated content aka UGC? It won’t be exaggerating to call user-generated content the bedrock of the Internet. Any piece of content, which is engaging, user-friendly, informative, unique, and created for the web, can be considered as UGC. Some of the commonest UGCs are Tweets, Facebook posts, Tumblr blog posts, YouTube vlogs or videos, Yelp feedback & reviews, Pinterest pins, and the likes. However, unlike any random social media post, Tumblr post, or Pinterest pin, proper user-generated content must have a connection with the field of marketing. The well-structured and promotional UGCs can work as the gateways to manifold marketing opportunities in this Internet-driven day and age. Over the past few years, almost every top-tier organization has encouraged the web-users to build quality-driven user-generated content to promote their services and build goodwill for their brands.

UGCs to Give the Best Bang for Your Buck

Some of the most effective and cost-efficient forms of user-generated content are blogs, presentations, forum discussions, videos, and the likes. Through such content, you can provide the necessary guidelines and training to your employees. Make sure to share updates on the new work lessons in the UGCs. Don’t forget to enhance the overall quality of your E-learning content in the days to come. This is how; you can get the best bang for your buck through user-generated content.

Reap the Benefits of User-Generated Contents

Upon being utilized to their utmost capabilities, the user-generated content can spell manifold benefits in training each staff of your company. Thanks to the emergence of advanced LMS, aka, Learning Management Systems, it has become a lot easier to create and facilitate qualitative and industry-standard user-generated content.

Some of the biggest advantages of using UGC are dug out right below –

  • Up-and-Dated

It’s indeed an uphill task to prepare training content audits for updating and upgrading employee training practices. The intensity of such complexity would increase as the SMB training contents rise in number. With businesses swiftly growing and witnessing new challenges on a daily basis, the importance and necessity of updated training content is soaring rapidly. The pace of transformation and acceleration within the organizations has compelled them to count on more on UGCs.

  • Engaging 

Unlike most of the E-learning contents, the user-generated contents tend to bank upon interaction instead of absorption. UGCs are mainly ideated to drive employee engagement with different training materials i.e. feedbacks, recommendations, discussions, etc. Backed by such interactive approach, the trainees will feel more engaged and immersed into the training materials. This apart, they will also gain a huge sense of ownership in everything being taught. This will help in breaking monotony, thus adding to employee engagement and retention.

  • Affordable

For a small or even a mid-sized organization, it’s quite natural to feel overwhelmed by the sky-reaching costs of E-learning. However, with the right software in place, the user-generated contents can bring down employee training costs by leaps and bounds.  By investing just a few hours in contributing forum discussions, blogs, and otherwise, the content creators of your company can spend more time in meeting several other responsibilities.

In a Nutshell

Whether you are looking to keep up with the old-school classroom training or dip your feet in the water of advanced E-learning, you should brace up to reap the hitherto unexplored benefits of user-generated contents.


Last updated August 10th, 2022

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