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Reasons Why WooCommerce Continues to Garner Huge Popularity?

  • November 23rd, 2022
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Over the years, the popularity of WooCommerce development has increased quite exponentially, thanks to truckloads of edgy features and perks it offers. If you are looking to build a robust online store for your e-business without having to dig a hole in your pocket, it’s advisable that you should rely on a reputed WooCommerce development company India.

There are reasons galore to opt for WooCommerce shopping cart solutions! Backed by it, you can enable your consumers to make a purchase of your products or avail your services securely and instantly. Also, this eCommerce plugin is extremely powerful and flexible. Hence, it brings great ease in developing and customizing an online store exactly according to the specific needs of users.

Are you planning to give WooCommerce development a try? Do you want to rely on a reputed company that offers premium-quality outsourced software product development services at the best rates? Before you go ahead, and take the plunge, it’s advisable that you should look into some further details about WooCommerce to enhance your understanding and knowledge about this plugin.

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WooCommerce and Its Exponentially Growing Popularity

WooCommerce – developedon a REST API – refers to a fully open-source eCommerce plugin meant for WordPress. This is considered a perfect solution for medium to small online retailers.

It’s some of the robust features and premium functionalities, due to which, WooCommerce has become such a hugely trusted and preferredeCommerce plugin. Thanks to its feature-rich interface and an easy set-up, this plugin has become one of the most popularshopping cart platforms.

From the year 2012, the overall migration rate to WooCommerce has increased by about 14%. At present, there are about 2 million retail stores, which are actively developing their eCommerce platforms using WooCommerce plugins.

Why is WooCommerce So Popular?

It’s mentioned already that WooCommerce is loaded with a number of robust features and functionalities. WooCommerce refers to a plugin, which enables eCommerce websites for running things such asinventory and sales seamlessly and smoothly. This plugin, although highly useful, is best incorporated as or when it is in used by the dedicated specialists or right users.

The main goal of WooCommerce development solution is to draw a connection between websites and developers who have adequate knowledge on WooCommerce. These experts can help websites leverage WooCommerce with more efficacy, which leads to a highly fulfilling user interface and user experience.

To put it simply, such development solutions can make WooCommerce a lot easier to utilize for you, as well as, your consumers. Do you know how many products WooCommerce can handle? You would be delighted to know that the significance of WooCommerce plugin is that if your site is not very slow, and it runs like a properly-oiled machine, a robust plugin that can easily handle your site’s products.

Is There Any Drawback of WooCommerce?

As it’s mentioned already, WooCommerce is deemed as one of the most preferred eCommerce site plugins, which could be hosted via WordPress. Although WooCommerce is loaded with good features and great functionalities, yet there are a few setbacks that this robust plugin owns.

A very big setback of WooCommerce plugin is that it’s specific for WordPress. It means that it lacks the capacity of working on websites which are not hosted by WordPress. Also, while WooCommerce plugins are absolutely free of any kind of additional costs, which could factor into their overall efficiency. All this could include if you lack proper knowledge or adequate expertise.

In A Nutshell

From the aforementioned discussion, it must be clear now that WooCommerce is a highlyeffective tool as orwhen used by the right people, but could be another thing to worry over in case you have a small venture with a limited number of professionals that have just begun working on eCommerce.

If your focus is to build highly secure, efficient and effective eCommerce site for your e-business, you should opt for WooCommerce. So, what are you still waiting for? Go ahead, and opt for the best WooCommerce development company without any further delay.

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Last updated November 23rd, 2022

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