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Tech-Trends to Gain Momentum in 2021 and Beyond

  • May 17th, 2020
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Technology is taking over our lives. Don’t worry! It is only ideated and aimed at making our lives better. From Artificial Intelligence to humanoid robots to autonomous vehicles and so forth – it seems like the hi-fi, tech-driven lifestyle predicted by ‘The Jetsons’ is right here.

The upcoming years are expected to introduce some highly advanced technologies that shall improve almost all spheres of our lives. The year 2020 has already witnessed a colossal wave of tech revolutions, right from the rise of voice search to social robots and the likes. Since we are almost halfway through 2020; it’s high time to find out some tech trends, which are all set to dominate the tech piles in 2021. Take a look –

  • AI-SaaS will Create a Buzz

Although there won’t be an incredible paradigm shift in the utilization of AI, some landmarks might just roll out in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business model. The combination of SaaS and AI solutions is expected to bring Artificial Intelligence to the millennials minus a high price tag.

Over the preceding years, the evolution and growth in Artificial Intelligence have successfully inched towards certain areas including, voice search, speech recognition et al. A number of AI service providing platforms i.e. Google, Microsoft, GPU Workload, etc. have already begun offering advanced ML training materials and solutions. It is a matter of anticipation that the forthcoming years will witness massive growth in these areas along with some AI-integrated tasks being provided on subscription.

  • A New Edge to Perspective Analysis

Predictive analytics have successfully hogged the limelight, courtesy of the exponential proliferation in data analytics. Even a few years back, almost all the analytics software and tools used to focus only on predictive and descriptive applications. Over the course of time, such tools have certainly come a long way in representing and arranging the historical data for a more in-depth understanding of the transformations that have taken place.  

These tools have worked wonders in using data to make more accurate predictions of future discoveries and events. However, the upcoming years are expected to see a growth in perspective analysis. The perspective analysis is where data analytics can deliver manifold options for reaping the benefits of predictive and descriptive analytics. In 2021, it is expected that the hitherto unexplored proscriptive functions will creep into the field of adaptive analysis.

  • 5G WiFi to Cause a Storm

With each passing day, the need for speedier and more consistent Internet connectivity is growing in leaps and bounds. As a result of this, the 5G WiFi network has been introduced to heist the glory of the Internet. 5G network, with its lightning-fast speed, is expected to gather a huge momentum in the year 2021. And, guess what, the tidal wave of 5G shall continue to roll in the days to come.

Backed by a stronger bandwidth, the 5G network will offer faster and better net speed with a less-complex setup process. Being an integral component of the much-coveted ‘smart-city,’ the 5G network connectivity is expected to spell benefits in using drones, autonomous vehicles, etc. by striking a seamless communication between them and other smart techs.

  • M-Commerce is Trending

Another tech trend, which is expected to take the world by storm, is mobile commerce, aka, M-commerce. It has been ruling over our lives for quite some time now. In this age of the smartphone and mobile technologies, almost every consumer turns to their smartphones to make a purchase online.

Although we already have a bunch of responsive sites and intuitive mobile applications to enjoy a better shopping experience, it’s our newfound ability to make payments in brick-and-mortar shops via Google Wallet, Apple Pay, etc., which has brought an evolution in the trajectory of marketing. Using some online and third-party mobile platforms like WeChat, Alipay, etc., one can pay for anything.

  • Voice Assistants are On the Rise

In the upcoming years, almost all the top-notch tech-hubs are expected to own automated voice assistants to foster their growth in this tech-driven era. Voice assistants like Apple Homepod, Amazon Echo, etc. have already created a stirring ripple around the world across. In the upcoming years, these are expected to proliferate to a huge extent owing to the revolutionary growth in Artificial Intelligence.

Recently, Amazon has reported witnessing more-than-expected popularity of its automated voice assistant. To probe for further growth and gains, Amazon has begun to double down on technology. Looking at the insurmountable growth in voice assistance, it won’t be exaggerating to claim that the day is not far when most of us shall interact with technology via voice instead of text.

  • Augmented Reality Changing Modern Reality

Not so long ago, Augmented Reality was filled to brim with doubts and uncertainties galore. Well, that’s all history now! Augmented Reality is now believed to be shaping the future of technology in the days to come. With tech giants like Apple, etc. splurging huge bucks in AR hardware, it’s quite evident that Augmented Reality may take another few years to go mainstream.  

  • The World is Going Berserk over CRISPR

CRISPR, abbreviated from ‘Clustered Regularity Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats,’ is one of those very few ground-breaking technologies, which has spelled possibilities galore in editing genome. This powerful technology holds the ability to eliminate a variety of terminal genetic disorders such as Cystic Fibrosis, Huntington's, and the like.

This amazing gene-splicing technology has been proven to be a game-changer in detecting and curing certain mutated aspects of our DNA. CRISPR technology holds the capacity of substituting the mutated sections of DNA with non-mutated variants. This way, CRISPR can permanently cure certain genetic disorders from the human blood lines. Medical researchers are hoping that this technology might bring a speck of light to curing cancer or genetically caused blindness.

  • Breakthroughs in Quantum Computing

Unlike the traditional computers that rely upon ones or zeros to convey information, quantum computers use quantum bits for carrying more relevant and accurate information. Backed by such powerful quantum bits, advanced quantum computers can process and manage a deluge of complex databases with more ease.

As a result of this, quantum computers can produce multiple breakthroughs in Machine Learning, which might otherwise be difficult to address. Although quantum technology is still at a very cursory stage, some big brands i.e. Google, Microsoft, etc. have started splurging a billion bucks into creating super-computers in a quest to produce more effective predictive models.

  • Bitcoin is the New Digital Gold

A discussion about technological proliferation is incomplete without mentioning Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.  Often deemed as a giant Ponzi scheme and the future of the global economy, Bitcoin is expected to dominate the Crypto industry in the years to come. Over the past few years, a number of Cryptocurrencies have been introduced. Some of them witnessed a steep rise, while some were just lost out.

Despite all the ebbs and flows, Bitcoin has been continuously ruled over the market for quite some time now. However, it is still not obvious that Bitcoin will emerge as the new-age digital gold in the upcoming years. The advanced technologies in Blockchain are expected to witness more successful integrations in different fields like asset management, intellectual property management, healthcare, etc. However, we are yet to discover whether Blockchain or Bitcoin can really transform our way of living.

  • On-Premise Bots are on the Horizon

Development in Artificial Intelligence is in a full swing right now. And, Chatbots are undoubtedly a big splash on the wave of such proliferation. Chatbots or smart bots are those new-age ‘genies in a bottle,’ which can instantly interact by artificially mimicking human communication.

In the upcoming years, chatbots are expected to be capable enough of reigning supreme over mobile applications. Almost every large-scale organization yearns for premium security to keep their confidential data safe and secure. Such yearning will go up a notch higher with every passing year. As a result of this, a number of on-premise smart bots or chatbots will be introduced to guarantee data safety for various enterprise hubs.

In a Nutshell

Well, it is still just a cursory stage as the world is yet to come across the most unprecedented explosion of technology. It is undeniably true that technology is getting better with every passing year. Owing to new ideas, smarter solutions, and emerging digital trends, global technologies are getting more powerful, promising, and innovative. Today, we are standing right on the brink of another technological boom.

With the rapid evolution of technology happening so quickly, it could be difficult to grasp the scale of proliferation underway. The technologies mentioned in the aforementioned excerpt are just a handful of ground-breaking breakthroughs. This list is not even fully exhaustive! No matter what happens, 2021 shall be a highly innovative year for aspiring tech experts and entrepreneurs alike.

It is indeed a matter of time before such tech advancements finally take place.

Happy reading!

Last updated August 10th, 2022

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