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Technology & The Changing Landscapes of Supply Chain & Logistics

  • May 31st, 2020
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Digitization, befriending a plethora of ground-breaking tech solutions, has penetrated deep into multiple industries in recent years. The sectors of supply chain and logistics, in particular, have immensely evolved off late. Changes in customer needs and the emergence of fierce E-commerce market competition have brought in a sea change in the supply chain and logistics industries.

A new precedent of growth has been set for the logistics infrastructure of the world across. From packaging to labeling, from shipment to transportation and product delivery, the functioning and capabilities of each aspect of the supply chain and logistics have witnessed massive improvements. The field of the supply chain is expected to reach a whopping $12,300 billion by the year 2022. Followings are a few trends owing to which the future of supply chain and logistics would be shaped up in the days to come –


  • AI-Integrated Solutions

The power-packed impacts of Artificial Intelligence have touched almost every sphere of our lives in this day and age. AI has brought about a sea transformation in the way different packages are moving around the globe.

In a quest to enhance and speed up their supply chain and logistics operations, many companies have already incorporated AI into their business acumens. It is expected that in the upcoming years, Artificial Intelligence will beef up the field of supply chain and logistics with innovative technologies i.e. Geo-coding abilities, warehouse automation, ML algorithms, consumer demand prediction, route optimization, and the likes.

  • Transparency and Visibility

The domain of supply chain and logistics is poised for further growth with real-time visibility. There is no doubt in the fact that the supply chain is wrapped in multiple layers. The field of traditional logistics is brimming with too many loopholes, as well! Such pet peeves can be eliminated by advanced tech solutions.

In this era of online selling and cross-border trades, the traditional logistics systems will no longer spell benefits. Owing to technology, better transparency and visibility shall pour into each stage of the logistics and supply chain.

Be it for manufacturing, warehousing, transporting, or monitoring product delivery, the demand for top-tier technologies i.e. real-time freight systems, sensors, location-based intelligence, active tracking devices, etc. shall continue to rise. Besides improving visibility in the supply chain, these new technologies will work wonders in enhancing the consumer experience, too.

  • Digital Twinning is Winning Attention  

In this competitive and dynamic logistics landscape, the importance of network optimization is paramount. Owing to this importance, the concept of digital twinning is garnering a lot of popularity.

Using digital twin, a virtual model of real-world business function or process, businesses in supply chain and logistics can prepare networks and routes effectively, solve problems even before they pop up, streamline operations, etc.

It is expected that in the forthcoming years, the digital twin shall play an important role in improving logistics and supply chain operations with a lot more accuracy, efficiency, and a very minimum wastage!

  • Third-Party Logistics on the Rise

Express delivery is in trend at this moment, and owing to this trend, the field of supply chain and logistics have come across multiple complications. These days, more than 45-50% of the total shipments have begun focusing on same-day delivery.

The need and popularity for time-bound product delivery and customer convenience are on a swift rise. To accomplish these new-found requisites, the fields of supply chain and logistics are inching towards 3PL or third-party logistics solutions. The 3PL solutions are spelling manifold benefits in packaging, warehousing, last-mile delivery, and the like.

  • Green Logistics on the Horizon

It is an undeniable fact that the traditional methods in logistics and supply chain can only add to the disposal of carbon emissions, toxic waste materials, and the like.

On the contrary, the modern and upgraded logistics enterprises are relying upon environmentally sustainable and accountable methods for reducing the ecological influences of the clichéd logistics operations.

It is highly anticipated that in the forthcoming years, the world’s top-notch supply chain and logistics hubs shall tap into green logistics for more infallible outcomes.

A Note to Remember

The fields of supply chain and logistics are swiftly evolving. Owing to technological advancements and digitization, these domains are expected to be swept under a rapid transformation in 2021 and beyond.

Last updated August 10th, 2022

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