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The Best of KPIs to Add to Your Business Growth

  • May 17th, 2020
  • Marketing

Today’s businesses are used to tapping into the market through digital windows; accordingly, they expect overall growth and success through digital metrics. This has fuelled a paradigm shift in how the millennial business owners monitor and measure their performance. KPIs aka Key Performance Indicators have become an integral and indispensable tool for evaluating the overall success of a company or of a specific activity in which it has an involvement.

A Quick Overview of KPIs

KPIs have been driving incredible changes across businesses worldwide, but not every marketer holds a thorough understanding of the same. Key Performance Indicators, aka, KPIs hint at the measurements of the overall success of a business. To put it more precisely, KPIs are the metrics that a business monitors to understand the overall efficacy of its sales and marketing efforts. Such measurements are usually produced from certain key data sources that include customer metrics, sales metrics, inventory, product data, marketing data, and the like.

One of the greatest things about Key Performance Indicators is that they are configurable to fit into the unique and individual business needs of a marketer. Upon being analyzed thoroughly, the KPIs will help you understand which marketing strategy is working in your favor and which is just going in vain. Accordingly, you can adjust or fine-tune your marketing strategies or efforts.

Backed by Key Performance Indicators, you can bring adequate transparency into your business operations. If utilized to its utmost capacity, KPI can help you make more strategic, accurate, and informed decisions about your business.

In the below-mentioned excerpt, we have dug out a bunch of KPIs, that you need for taking your business to another height. Have a look –

Cost per Lead

For those, who lack enough awareness of Cost per Lead or CPL, it’s important to know that it can enable you to evaluate the expenses of your marketing campaigns, especially, in terms of driving new sales leads. CPL is known to designate the amount of a dollar to every sale lead your marketing campaign successfully generates. The significance of CPL is paramount when it comes to analyzing the efficacy of different options in online advertising including social media ads, Google AdWords, etc.

Cost per Consumer Acquisition

Cost per consumer acquisition is mainly ideated to keep a tab on the expenses of every step taken to encourage a prospective buyer to close a sale. In addition to the expenses of a product or service itself, cost per consumer acquisition includes the overall expenses involved in different back-of-house phases including, marketing, research, etc. By having a thorough understanding of how much you are splurging in converting the potential buyers, you can decide which routes are effective in your marketing efforts, sales, and budget.

Marketing Qualified Leads

MQL, also known as marketing qualified leads can provide the sales department of your company with massive outreach. Upon being able to figure out how potential a qualified business lead is for your company, you can easily take the necessary steps to gain result-yielding points in the sales and marketing pipelines.

Return on Investment

With Return on Investment, you can evaluate how many revenues your marketing campaigns have successfully generated. Deemed as one of the most effective KPIs, the ROI will help you track and assess your business campaigns thoroughly. However, despite being a highly effective and valuable Key Performance Indicator for your business, the ROI may give rise to certain complexities or challenges. For instance, it might not be possible for you to decide a direct return in some specific situations. But, such pet peeves cannot overpower the endless efficacies of ROI.

Consumer Attraction and Retention

Is your business capable of encouraging your consumers to keep coming back? Have you ever wondered how interested your customers are in making a re-purchase? Customer retention will help you gain a better understanding in this regard. Always remember that attracting new consumers is less challenging than keeping the old ones hooked to your brand. With KPI, you can enhance your marketing campaigns and customer care services, thus taking a step forward to ensure customer retention.

Sales Qualified Leads

SQL or sales qualified leads are those metrics via which you can predict the number of prospective customers, who might become the future sales opportunities. By understanding how many businesses leads your marketing team has successfully converted, you can point out the efficacy and loopholes in the pipelines of your sales and lead generation strategies. It is indeed a highly effective indicator of the overall efficiency of your marketing experts with their present resources. Using SQL, you can help your marketing and sales departments to perform to their utmost potential.

Time for a Wrap

In the upcoming years, KPI is expected to roll out more benefits, improving its overall performance and increasing its efficacy. To really gain value of Key Performance Indicators, you must invest in an advanced KPI software that understands your business needs and budget.

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