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What are the 8 Key Benefits of Drupal Development?

  • July 26th, 2022
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"Drupal core and some contributed modules are actively being updated to remove uses of deprecated APIs, so you are gradually becoming a Drupal 9 user by keeping up to date with Drupal 8." - GáborHojtsy

Even though you are one of those business owners, who has been in the market for a very long time, you may not be aware of the concept of Drupal web development services. This is possible if you have not invested time researching this popular content management system.

In this article, we are going to provide you with critical information about this renowned CMS. We will first give you a short introduction to this system and then follow it up with some of its profitable benefits. Making proper use of it is going to help you create a robust website for your business.

An Introduction to Drupal Content Management System

Drupal is a free content management system which consists of a large community of supportive followers. You can use this platform to create a brand new Drupal website and alter it. You can hire dedicated Drupal developer to use this system properly.

The themes that are in-built are used to improve the look and feel of the website. The modules are used to alter the website. Drupal can be used to create dynamic websites that are content-driven. Let us take a quick look at its benefits.

Advantages you can Enjoy While Using Drupal for Website Development

Drupal is Open-Source and Free

Being open-source, like many other web development platforms, makes using it easier for a Drupal development company India to use. It can be downloaded and used entirely free of cost. The biggest USP of Drupal in this category is its community, which is already huge and still growing due to its open-source characteristic.

More than one million developers are already a part of the community who are eager to answer any question a developer has about making use of it. Suppose a developer has a common or general doubt about the platform. In that case, chances are, some other developer in the community has already answered it.

Higher Quality Coding

As far as the code goes, the first and most important thing to talk about is the fact that Drupal uses PHP libraries rather than proprietary code, making it immensely easy to use. Any PHP developer will be aware of how to handle it.

Moreover, thanks to the modern development tools, the code enforced by Drupal is of top-notch quality. This results in the creation of a feature-rich top-quality website. These high-quality codes are implemented to encourage consistency across the applications.

Thanks to the tools used while website development, customers will be able to enjoy a seamless UI with exponentially faster loading times.

Attractive Website

In addition to the multiple modules that can be implemented while developing a website, you can have an attractive website for your business. When you hire Drupal developers, they will be able to use one of the thousands of premium themes already created by the expert designers in the community.

Moreover, your developer will also have the liberty to choose fonts, adjust colourful themes and add attractive images to improve the appearance of your website.

Drupal is Future-Proof

The developers in the community need to be credited for this benefit. Even though, in most cases, CMS developers are never able to catch up with bugs, the developers of Drupal tend to focus more on the platform's future.

Some good examples are implementing RESTful web services and JSON: API into the platform. These implementations have resulted in Drupal becoming a full-fledged platform rather than just being a blog framework.

Drupal Offers Flexibility

A Content Management System was typically introduced as the starting point, which could be enhanced further based on the website owner's needs. With Drupal, you can create and manage almost all kinds of websites, be they related to blogs, wikis or eCommerce.

Pertaining to its ability to scale and flexibility, even Drupal websites that have been extensively customised and enhanced can offer savings in the long term, unlike WordPress websites.

Drupal Prioritises Security

Most web development platforms are notoriously insecure. Because of their open-source nature, many platforms are open to a number of security threats. However, this very characteristic ensures the security of Drupal. Drupal developers in the community make sure that the code is examined and tested from every angle.

Extensive testing ensures that any kind of vulnerability will be visible to the developers before it's too late and will be fixed immediately. Even the updates arrive at regular intervals, which does not make business owners wait before receiving necessary big patches.

There is even availability of third-party modules, which can be implemented to improve further the security level of the web applications and websites.

Drupal Amplifies Website Performance

Taking into consideration the massive array of features, like caching, code enforcing, JavaScript minimization, image optimization and content delivery networks, Drupal can be used to develop a highly optimised website. The main reason for Drupal websites to not be clunky in any way is the use of clean code.

An optimised website will not only result in a higher ranking in search engines. Still, it will also attract a higher number of customers and boost overall ROI. Consumers are always more attracted to websites that perform well, without any lags.

Access to Content Moderation

With the use of Drupal, it is simpler to get your entire team involved in editing and creating content. Drupal has support for multiple workflows, so as a business owner, you will have the ability to select a workflow based on your content team.

Drupal Websites are the Future

From the above article, you must have concluded that the use of Drupal will change how you handle your official websites. The benefits mentioned above of the system will also give you an idea of how to make use of the system properly. Therefore, if you have not started using Drupal yet, invest time now in looking for the best Drupal website development company India.

Last updated July 26th, 2022

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