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What Blockchain Can Do to Protect Your Data?

  • May 31st, 2020
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Blockchain technology is the latest buzzword in the enterprise market at present – considered as ‘the next big thing,’ just like ‘Big-Data’ or ‘Cloud’ were once upon a time.  If some recent reports are to be relied upon, the international Blockchain technology industry is poised to worth 20 billion dollars by 2024 or so. There is no doubt in the fact that Blockchain technology has already created a buzz all across the globe.

Over the past years, proliferation in Big data has reached another height altogether. But, unfortunately, data safety still remains a top concern for most of the millennial entrepreneurs. Nowadays, nobody trusts each other blindly with their personal data. Hence, they are required to distribute their data in just a tamperproof and safe platform. And, it’s Blockchain that can work wonders in building that platform.

However, owing to the swiftly increasing hype of Blockchain technologies, its possible advantages and shortcomings of it could be easily overlooked. Being a highly disruptive tech invention of the world, Blockchain holds potentials galore to minimize costs, maximize transparency, bolster safety, improve efficiency, and the likes. Advancement of data safety, which it offers is one of the major perks of using Blockchain technology. So far, data is considered as one of the most crucial assets worldwide. The world’s most popular conglomerates i.e. Amazon, Facebook, Alphabet, Apple, etc. are highly reputed data-centric organizations.

Wondering how Blockchain can influence data security? Look into the below-mentioned excerpt to quench your inquisitions –

  • Get You Data Encrypted with Ease –

Backed by the advanced Blockchain technologies, you can ensure that your enterprise data is impeccably encrypted. This apart, this technology can also help you in saving your file’s or documents’ cryptographic signatures on Blockchain. It will automatically enable you to ensure that your files or documents are absolutely un-tampered. The best part is that you don’t have to save a whole file or document on the Blockchain.

Thanks to the decentralized nature of Blockchain technologies, you can easily cross-check document signatures across multiple ledgers on every node of the network. This will help you verify whether or not the cross-check document signatures have been changed. It is a challenging task to check whether there is a similar version of document existing at another file.

When someone changes any record, the signature would be automatically considered invalid or valueless. With Blockchain, you can get accurate, reliable and absolutely independent data verification without any hassle.

  • Explore Manifold Perks of Data Decentralization –

Blockchain technology does not bank upon one particular focal point of control because of its decentralized nature. This day and age could be considered as a digital ledger of evolution with almost all the computers having entire copy of their data. Due to lack of single authority, this system can get more safe and secure.

Blockchain does not rely upon a central authority for transacting with other users. Rather, it uses highly-advanced consensus protocols across multiple nodes-networks for validating multiple record data and transactions in an incorruptible manner.

Since Blockchain technology refers to a ledger of data, it’s essential that all the data are stored without violating their accuracy or safety protocols. As all the data are stored on different computers, things remain highly safe even if a computer ends up malfunctioning.


  • It Will Help You Keep Data Hacking at Bay –

Just as its name suggests, Blockchain hints at a cluster of ‘digital blocks,’ which is comprised of multiple transactional records. As these digital blocks are not stored at any centralized location, Blockchain technology does not share just one point of failure. Rather, these are distributed and decentralized ledgers on peer-to-peer networks, which are constantly kept in sync and updated.

Each digital block remains connected to each other. While hackers are only capable of invading the traditional networks and breaking into each set of data into just a single repository, the Blockchain technologies can make it incredibly hard. As a highly advanced and worldwide popular technology, Blockchain has emerged a perfect platform for organizations to preserve their data in bulk. In fact, Blockchain is not just safe or reliable, but is also extremely transparent, which resultantly makes it a way more appealing to different organizations.

The Final Words

Ensuring data safety has become a major priority for enterprises worldwide. Blockchain technologies could be utilized as a suitable alternative to Server-based or Cloud-integrated organizations. If you, too, want your data to remain absolutely safe and secure, then you should immediately make a switch to Blockchain.

Happy reading!

Last updated August 16th, 2022

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