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What Can You Do with Your Old Website Content?

  • August 25th, 2022
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Even if you use the best content management solution India, the content will stack up on your website. Suppose you have a website, especially one with a lot of written content. In that case, you must post new written content like blogs and articles weekly.

After posting content on your website for a certain period, the old content becomes outdated. For instance, if you are running a news-based website. The news article you posted today will not remain relevant a few weeks later. The same is true for any other niche of website content.

If you have had a website for a long time, then it is apparent that it would include a significant amount of old content. These pieces of content may mean blog posts from when the website was first created.

Suppose you hire a PHP framework development expert. In that case, he can use an analytics tool to show you that the old content is not getting any traffic from search engines. In this article, we will inform you about what you can do with old content on your website.

Why Should You be Concerned About Old Content?

Before we talk about how you can use your old website content, you must know why old content deserves your attention. Old content on a website represents missed opportunities.

Search engines like Google prefer websites with fresh content over those without it. Suppose the crawlers of Google discover that a website's content has not been updated in a while. In that case, it immediately understands that it will mostly like to make it to or stay on SERPs. As a result, you will stop getting organic traffic to your website.

Things You Can Do About Old Website Content

Revamp Low-Quality Content

You may have created the website years ago and have been running it consistently since then. It means that many blogs and articles may still be relevant in the present time, depending on the topic. However, one thing they would miss is top-notch quality.

If you don’t already know, Google and other search engines prefer websites with high-quality keyword-rich content and rank those sites higher. You may go through the blog section of your site and discover a year-old blog on a crucial topic. You have the option to edit the blog, raise its quality and repost it.

Good-quality content creation is a skill that a writer develops over time. Revamping old content is one of the most effective ways of using it.

Rewrite Old Content

At times you may come across old content, the topic of which can grab the readers' attention but just refreshing is not enough. In such cases, you may have to write the entire blog or article from scratch. In such a case, you will conveniently be able to replace old content.

You will also maintain the total number of blogs on your website, even after making an old piece of content more SEO friendly.

Combining Content

An issue may arise that two or three articles have multiple similar keywords. Maybe your website has an article about the top WooCommerce development company and the same keyword as that of other blogs about software development. You have the option to remove one and keep the other.

However, a more brilliant way to remove the two old pieces of content on your website is to combine them, create a new article, and repost it. This way, you can maintain the existence of the keyword in your blog section and reduce the total number of old articles on your website by one.

Remove Old Content

Well, this is the most straightforward way to do something about old content. Do you realise that a particular piece of content is not relevant anymore? Do you feel the old articles on your website are of low quality? Delete those pieces of content.

Deleting is not a bad option if a particular piece is not getting attention anymore. However, it would be best if you tried the above mentioned solutions before deciding to remove them. The first three solutions are comparatively more beneficial to your website traffic.

Old Content Can Be Taken Care of With Ease

From the above article, you must have arrived at the conclusion that dealing with old content on a website is not as complicated as it initially seemed. You need to choose the option best suited to your business needs.

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Last updated August 25th, 2022

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