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Who is Better: Drupal or WordPress?

  • November 16th, 2022
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A website is a must-have thing for every business. Is WordPress or Drupal development services the best content management system for your needs? Check out this side-by-side comparison. 

Choosing the best CMS platform or making a move is a huge decision. Because a platform is the backbone of your website, it's an important option to make. 

With so much information available, you might need help selecting the best CMS. There is a WordPress supporter for every Drupal defender. 

Choosing a winner in the WordPress versus Drupal debate and determining which works best for you might seem hard initially. 

We've compared WordPress with Drupal in terms of usability, security, customization, content management and more. But first, learn what these CMS platforms are. 

Content Management System: The Platforms 

WordPress is the most widely used content management platform on the planet. WordPress, which began as a blogging platform in 2003, today powers 43.3% of all websites and owns a whopping 65.1% of the known content management system industry. 

Drupal has been around even longer than WordPress; however, it has a different market share. Drupal, which debuted in 2000, now powers 2.3% of all websites and controls 4.6% of the content management system industry. 

The Difference Between Drupal and WordPress 

  • In Terms of SEO 

WordPress development services India makes it simple to manage and update your website. At the same time, the simple SEO integration and friendly community make it a no-brainer for those starting. 

On the other hand, Drupal has excellent SEO capabilities and a vibrant community. Still, the complicated update procedure makes it tough for newcomers to keep their sites updated. 

  • In Terms of Using & Learning 

WordPress considerably simplifies the transition from zero to a fully functional website that looks excellent. With WordPress, you can choose a niche-specific theme and have a functional site in no time. 

You're looking at the polar opposite with Drupal. While Drupal themes are available, most websites use a custom-coded or heavily modified theme. That implies you'll almost always need to hire a Drupal certified developer merely to obtain something that looks decent. 

  • In Terms of User Experience 

WordPress is well-known for being extremely user-friendly and uncomplicated for non-technical people to use and maintain. This capability is available right out of the box with the numerous themes and plugins available. You can hire WordPress developer in India to build better UX. 

While Drupal may have a poor usability reputation, creating a user-friendly backend is feasible. Drupal's structure is like a blank canvas; admin panels and workflows must be fleshed up and planned ahead of time. 

Drupal vs. WordPress: A Chart Contrast 





Built-in blogging options like categories, comment moderation, post scheduling, and tags are included. 

Standard blogging capability is included. 

Plugins & Themes  

Provides over 59,000 free plugins and 9,000 free themes. 

Provides around 39,000 modules and 2,500 themes. 

E-Commerce Development 

Payment collection is available on all accounts, with WooCommerce integration available only on the WordPress Pro plan. 

Drupal Commerce allows users to create an e-commerce website. 


Should make advantage of third-party services 

Enable language modules. 


Security plugins that are often updated 


Security plugins that are often updated 


5 Minute Installation 

10 Minutes for Package Installation 



Difficult in contrast to WordPress 


WordPress themes and plugins greatly aid in customization. 

Drupal offers less customization options. 


WordPress or Drupal: Who’s Better? 

This is most likely the question you came here to ask. But it's also a misleading question because determining whether WordPress or Drupal is "better" is problematic.

WordPress may be a better alternative for small businesses wishing to build their website quickly and with few problems. The user-friendly platform includes themes and plugins that may be used to create a basic website to introduce or sell your goods to clients.

Drupal is the superior option if you want a more configurable and adaptable solution. You may create the website of your dreams with its robust theme ecosystem and components. 

Last updated November 17th, 2022

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