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Why iPhones Got Cancelled in Big Billion Day Sale 2022?

  • October 28th, 2022
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FLIPKART is one of the biggest eCommerce software development services platforms. Every year it announces the biggest sale with the BIG BILLION DAY.

Its Big Billion Days marketing push has been tough to resist, from advertisements on television and digital platforms to regular reminders and deals on social media. The Apple iPhone 13 is one of the company's high-priced goods included in the sale.

Unfortunately, numerous purchasers' purchasing experiences have been less than pleasant, with Flipkart purportedly telling them that their orders had been canceled. This was the platform's hero offer, making it a very appealing alternative for individuals who did not want the more expensive iPhone 14.

Because of the high demand, Flipkart gradually increased the price of the smartphone till it reached over 56,000. Several eager buyers took advantage of this discount and ordered the iPhone 13 from Flipkart.

Several buyers, however, have stated that Flipkart canceled their iPhone 13 orders. Flipkart has begun alerting consumers that their iPhone 13 purchase has been canceled. Several have rushed to Twitter to highlight the issue.

There appears to be a widespread problem with the site canceling orders seemingly at random. In response, Flipkart said that over 70% of iPhone sales had been successfully delivered to consumers, with just a small percentage of sellers canceling orders due to errors.

"Flipkart is a customer-first eCommerce platform and social media marketing agency in India that constantly protects its consumers' interests." According to Flipkart's statement to India Today, "almost 70% of all iPhone purchases placed across cities like Guntur, Gorakhpur, and Siliguri have been finally delivered by the vendors."

On the other hand, the sellers stated that this is common throughout the sale. Even if demand surpasses sales predictions and supplies, the website continues to accept orders.

They said orders are only canceled if there is a shortage of items. Smartphone dealers expect to sell phones totaling $7.7 billion during the present holiday sale.

Furthermore, because demand exceeds supply, the goods may take weeks to arrive. According to the vendors, this may influence the quality of service and the marketplace's reputation. Orders are being canceled "because markets believe they would be unable to serve them," according to Shilpi Jain, an analyst at research.

The Refund Status

Other consumers have stated that refunds are taking longer to process than normal, notably for iPhone 13 sales. This might cause problems for people who can only place another order once the initial sum is repaid since the deal expired on September 30.

In addition to these troubling difficulties, Flipkart frequently raises the price of the iPhone 13. The smartphone's price has dropped from Rs 49,999 to about Rs 69,900 during the Big Billion Days promotion.

Flipkart's Statement

"As a customer-focused e-commerce platform and best digital marketing agency in India, we encourage merchants to prioritize customers' orders and endeavor to keep them satisfied with their service," stated a spokeswoman. Flipkart states, "70% of all iPhone purchases submitted across cities like Guntur, Gorakhpur, and Siliguri have been successfully delivered by vendors."

The Emphasizes

  • On September 30, the Flipkart Big Billion Days sale ended.
  • During the sale, Apple's iPhone 13 was one of the most popular.
  • The ordered phones got cancelled.
  • Some clients also experienced difficulties in receiving reimbursements.
  • Flipkart has released a statement saying that just 3% of orders were affected.

Last updated October 28th, 2022

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