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Why Isn’t Your Content Ranking When You Are Doing Everything?

  • May 31st, 2020
  • Marketing

How long do you spend in creating one good content? I am sure you dedicate more than 100% to write one piece of work.

You do detailed research before writing, you publish it and then follow the tried and tested marketing policies of top marketing strategists to promote your works.

Still, when you do not get expected results, doesn’t it frustrates you? When I am doing everything, why am I not able to get the results? This is what your mind keeps shouting. Doesn’t it?

Are You A Smart Content Writer And Marketer?

Every minute there are thousands of content being posted and shared on every platform; forget about the only top ones like Google, YouTube. So, the first thing to concentrate on is what do you have that others don’t have.

This, in no way, makes content marketing difficult or impossible for you to rank. You just need to be smart in your approach to make it to the top.


A smart writer is the one who accepts the fact they can be wrong and not the one, “I know it all.” So, before pointing fingers at the content marketing strategist, know where you are wrong or what you are missing at for not reaching that position.

Where Is Your Content Going Wrong?

#1 You aren’t clear on your goals

No goals mean no strategy!

If you aren’t sure about which strata of your business you should market or create content for, how would you progress, however right strategy you may opt for?

Firstly, without a goal, your strategy can’t be right.

If you fall into this category, don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. You will be shocked to know that only 37% of the content creators work on a documented strategy. Rest all are shooting in the dark.

Still, it isn’t too late. Plan your strategy and get all your team members clear on how to work to get better results.

#2 You aren’t ready to invest

Content marketing isn’t free, at least not the ones that get results. If you aren’t investing money, then your time is your investment.

Consistency is the key, along with investment. One day you post something, and then again, you don’t, or one week you post content regularly, and then next week goes blank.

It doesn’t work this way, and you aren’t the only one with whom this happens. However, serious we are, we do tend to make these mistakes. We aren’t sure of how to proceed and where to invest.

Not knowing the right investment mode or not being ready to invest at all, we go wrong here by deducting on the investments.

To get results, you got to be consistent in creating posts and wait for at least 3 months to see the difference.

#3 You aren’t writing what the audience wants

However good your content maybe, if it isn’t in line with the audience’s demand, no one can help you grow.

If you are looking for a book, would you browse sites for recipes? If you are looking for a science book, you may read the content on the history book. But, the other way- recipes instead of books makes no sense.

So, the primary step is to know what your audience is looking for? What are their needs? What topics are they seeking help for?

If you aren’t aware of the requirement of your target, how are you to reach them?


#4 You aren't promoting the right way

Content is the key to traffic, but it only unlocks half of the lock. To open it completely, you need the other half of the key called: promotion strategy.

To date, you have been spending the majority of your time in writing and minimum to no time in promoting. Am I right?

What is the use of creating content when it doesn’t reach people to read? If the public isn’t aware of your site, what’s the use of however good you are writing or if you are a content expert?

Share your content via different channels: email, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on for it to be available everywhere.

Once you are ready with your content, you should invest an equal, if not more time in making it public. Target all the right channels and document-sharing tools to reach the masses.

#5 You aren’t taking the right advantage of SEO

Do SEO and content marketing go hand in hand? My answer is Yes, it does. SEO is the standalone generator of organic traffic — the most simplest and fastest strategy.

The only possibility is you aren’t using the right keywords which the audience is using to look for content. Not optimizing your content as per audience class, age, location, and other fields; you are yourself missing your chance to rank number one.

So, now when you know, you are not taking 100% advantage of the SEO; it’s better to ask yourself a few questions before anything:

Who is my target audience? Why am I creating this content? Which platform does my audience use the most? What is the level of language they use?

Self asking these questions and then searching for your audience’s requirements, you can play the best by grabbing organic traffic.


Now you know the major reasons for content not to attract the audience when undoubtedly your content is a masterpiece. Before going into level 2 of content marketing and reading more blogs on it or going for in-depth research, first, find out which mistakes you are making. Of course, you won’t be going wrong every way. Even if you are going wrong at all five points mentioned above, there is nothing to worry about. Remember, it’s never too late to start afresh or rectify your mistake.

Last updated July 18th, 2022

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