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A Robust Solution for Data Architecture and Data Migration

The Client 

The respected client is the owner of a USA-based conservative advocacy organization and interest group, called Association of Mature American Citizens. Established in the year 2007, the organization has successfully earned a spot worldwide as a top-tier membership organization for individuals aged 50 and over.  

The Challenge  

Just like the world’s any other top-ranked modern enterprises, Association of Mature American Citizens or AMAC was also trying to harness the potential of data to drive predictive and proactive decisions faster, all whilst traversing on the path forward. But the client found the following loopholes, which ended up hindering them from making the most of their data – 

  • The client wanted to use all his data to its fullest potential, which was anything but easy initially 

  • Incredibly huge piles of data resulted in unstructured data  

  • Making unstructured data usable and searchable was another major challenge 

  • It was not a cakewalk to understand the relationship between different data tables and columns entailed a lot of challenges! 

  • Unformatted data led to less efficiency and increased vulnerability of cyber breach   

  • It caused difficulty in processing the growing volumes of data  

  • The accessing of siloed data also became a herculean task!  

Upon observing the gaps, the client started looking for a team of skilled and experienced experts to handle the assignment. Impressed with the past laurels and achievements of Wordsys, the client connected to us. A vast and varied experience, coupled with a strong willpower to bring premium quality to the table is, and has always been the hallmark of Wordsys.  

When we got on board, we aimed to leverage our experience and expertise to deliver to the very best of our capability. While assessing the project details and the requisites of the client, we realised that the company was struggling hard to process their data and garner valuable insights from it. Hence, we began to work towards structuring and migrating those inordinate amounts of data to help them get a smooth and seamless data access.  

The Solution  

Be it for ideation and iteration, migration, implementation, or expansion of their existing data, we aimed to help the client conquer his business goals in a shorter window of time. At Wordsys, we are aimed at delivering on the unbound potential and promises of modern data by helping our clients to empower their digital core – irrespective of his data journey.  

As mentioned already, understanding the relationship between all the old data tables was our first and foremost challenge. Decoding the relationship between different data tables is all about understanding how different data relate to each other.  

To ace the deal, we began by creating a detailed and comprehensive Documentation to decode the relation between the old and existing data of our client. Subsequently, our experts moved ahead with the development of a robust Data Architecture. We built a Customized Software solution to Migrate all his data from the already existing Unstructured Data to Neatly Structured data as per the newly-built Architecture.   

As we had an inordinate amount of data to process, our experts decided to Migrate small pieces of data to the newly-built structure, and subsequently we conducted a QA process to ensure that the newly-formatted data as per the requirements. 

Upon migrating the data into small bits of pieces, we Migrated the all the data part-by-part. Upon each round of migration, we conducted an end-to-end Quality Analysis and Testing. We did it to ensure all those data were Formatted with precision and perfection.  




Technology Stack  

CI (Php), MySQLi, JavaScript 

Success Saga  

We assembled a highly experienced and dynamic team of Analyst + 2 senior Developers +QA Engineers + a Project Manager, which is capable of offering the best to our clients. The hard work of our team has been a predominant contributory factor in ensuring success in converting our client’s unstructured data into fully structured data. Our client obtained the capability of using or re-using all his data, thus improving his business processes, speeding up decision-making, and accelerating values.  

We kept our client updated at all the time with the progress, and never did we do anything without getting his approval. We ensured that the client was thoroughly satisfied with our services and our premium offering had earned us unbridled appreciation from the client.  

Project Delivery  

The delivery of the project was initially estimated for about 4 months. But, traversing the relationships between data tables was an extremely tedious process, and it took us almost 2 months to thoroughly understand our client’s understanding. We wrapped the project within a window of 3 more months.  

We provide a 30-days warranty from the date of completion of the project. During the warranty period, we ensure that we would take up all the necessary steps to rectify defect, disruption, malfunction, or operation failure. Even after the expiration of the warranty, we remain open to questions and concerns if a client requires further assistance. 

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