There are millions of people in the world who want to be healthy and fit, but the obstacles are aplenty! Lack of movements, unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, and no exercise – deterrents like these continue to hold us back from staying “all healthy and hearty!” WordFit – our one of the most successful apps – arrived, and conquered million of users’ fitness milestones.  

Let’s take a closer and deeper look into the features, functionalities and goals of this app. Also, we will share a bit about our esteemed client who took us on board to convert WordFit from an ideation to a successful end execution. We shall also discuss some of the challenges we faced during development, and the strategies we fell back upon to overcome them.  

Abstract About WordFit 

WordFit is a fitness app, which aims to keep the healthcare enthusiasts rolling with tons of nifty guidelines on basic exercise, goal-appropriate workout regimen, meal planning, nutrition intake, multiple fitness levels, motivational quotes related to health, informative blog-posts, and the likes.  

One of the best things about WordFit is that there are multiple workout strategies or plans to choose from. But what is most likely to catch the users’ attention is the visually-engaging User Interface of this app. In case of most of the fitness apps, people lose their interest after a while as they find it quite cumbersome to navigate different not-so-user-friendly features.  

But, with WordFit, features are the biggest deal-breakers! Every feature is so user-friendly that even the most tech-averse users can navigate them with ease. Apart from that, both Android and iOS users can install WordFit to develop their fitness habits and remain motivated whenever they might be slacking!  

Our Client and His Project Requisites 

Our client is an eminent entrepreneur based out of the United States. Besides being a reputed business-owner, he himself is a fitness enthusiast. As a health-freak, WordFit was always in the pipeline as his dream project.  

His prime intention behind building this app was to spread more awareness on fitness, workout and overall well-being among the millennials, who are seldom getting time to take care of their health owing to extensive work pressure, lack of guidelines, etc. Via WordFit, our client wanted to motivate the users to be physically active, thereby leading a healthy and happy life.  

Challenges He Stumbled Upon 

Finding the right experts to ensure a perfect end-execution of WordFit was the biggest challenge our client had faced. Back in the year 2019, he had assigned this responsibility to another IT company in the United States.  

But back then, he had faced a lot of complications while accessing the app mainly because of its not-so-impressive UI/UX design. Also, the features were highly complicated, too! In a nutshell, the application was not performing optimally.  

Our client is very particular about quality. And, he wanted to provide his users with optimal user-experience – regardless of how less technically cognizant he/she might be.  

And, Then He Found Wordsys 

Keeping a tab on all the challenges he had faced earlier, our client was looking to get a team of reliable and truly skilled mobile app developers on board. And, after conducting a thorough research on the world’s top IT companies, he finally found us!  

Since Wordsys has a whopping 80% of success rate on the world’s major online marketplaces, it became quite easier for him to zero in on us. Plus, our years-long experience, client reviews, ratings, etc. piqued his interest greatly!  

This apart, another fact about us, which had really won his heart was our meticulousness for perfection, diligence for quality, commitment to deadlines, and competitive service rates.  

Solutions We Came Up With 

Our developers were already aware of the challenges our client had faced with the UI/UX and features of the previous version of WordFit. After some back-to-back online meetings and zoom calls, we brainstormed on multiple ideas and strategies to build a well-functioning, engaging and user-friendly fitness app. Before starting off, our developers had built a step-by-step development process. This helped us provide our client with an in-depth structural view of WordFit.  

Considering that our client specifically wanted WordFit to spell a seamless user-experience for its users, we worked hard on its User Interface part. We had created the features in a way so that the users could navigate them without facing any complication.  

During the initial phase of development, we faced a bit of technical challenges, especially with integration of its major features, yet we overcame them with the help of our expertise and years-long experience.  

Since, we had already built many apps for both iOS and Android for millions of clients the world across, we had adequate cognizance with the trendiest technologies to build a robust and premium app keeping in tandem with exactly what our client was looking for.  

Some Of The Key Features of WordFit 

Built on Flutter, WordFit has the followings features to offer –  

  • Workout Planning  

Under this feature, the users could find workout options for different sets of concerns such as FAT LOSS, MUSCLE BUILDING, TRANSFORMATION, STRENGTH BUILDING, and the likes.  

  • Fitness Goals  

This feature is dedicated to impart knowledge mainly on WEIGHT LOSS, CORE STRENGTH BUILDING and BODY TRANSFORMATION. Some of the major workout options highlighted under this feature include full body finisher, cardio, full-body landmine workout, 6-week fat blast, full-body workout, level up with triceps routine, home cardio fat loss, hardcore CrossFit workout, dumbbell-only biceps workout, 6-week triphasic plan for power, etc.  

  • Levels  

Under this feature, a user can scroll through different levels of workouts – BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED and ELIT. Some of the workouts that are enlisted under this feature include full-body, cardio, at-home fatless program, 6-week fat blast, hardcore cross-fit, ultimate dumbbell only biceps workout, 6-week triphasic plan for power, shot bench press plan, ultimate conditioning, Bruce lee training, etc.  

  • Exercise Video  

This feature covers exercise video guides for different body parts like biceps, quads, chest, forearms, triceps, abs, shoulder, back. etc. Some of the step-by-step workout video guidelines enlisted under this feature are for plank, pullover, cross punch roll-up, barbel high-pull, etc. Also, one can learn a lot about different home and gym equipment like dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, machine ball, and no equipment.  

  • Diet Plan  

For those, looking for expert guidelines on nutrition intakes or healthy diet planning, this feature will work wonders! One can get the perfect diet plan for different fitness demands such as weight loss, muscle gain, vegetarian meal planning, etc.   

  • Blogs 

For the fitness enthusiasts-cum-nerds, there are plenty of health blogs and trending trivia that have been shared by this feature.  

  • Motivational Quotes  

This feature could be the priority-topper for those, who need a dosage of motivation to keep them moving, running, gymming, and remaining healthy! One can select his/her favourite quotes, too.  


WordFit – Pursue Your Fitness Pursuit Now!  

Lots of ideas, debates, and rigorous brainstorming finally led to our victory of building something worthwhile! Regardless of all the challenges we faced during the development process, our efforts emerged with flying colors!  


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