About The Client

We very recently were visited by a client who was the owner of an online retailer brand, which dealt with baby products. His shop also had consequences for kids and mothers. He wanted us to build a website for his retail business, which would help him expand his business further and reach an even higher number of customers.

The brand that he has built from scratch has now reached a considerable customer base. His company has achieved a growth rate of 100 percent every year. His company always focused on giving customers competitive prices and a vast stock of products they can choose from. Our client believed that if his retail shop had a website, he would exponentially grow his business.

Some Of The Challenges We Faced And Overcame

One very significant challenge that we expected to face during the process of development is retaining customers. The marketing team would face many difficulties in bringing back the customers that they have acquired. We concluded that to bring back customers, and we will have to make sure that the website was easy to understand and the customer service is top-notch. Among others, the following are few specific challenges that we came across while developing an official website for selling products of a baby shop. The cart abandonment rate was extremely high.

We researched and noticed that even from an online site when a customer has successfully chosen certain items, they frequently cancel the items from their cart before making the final payment. Cart abandonment could drastically affect the overall sales. After research, we realized that promotional emails circulated among the customers were not generating enough ROI, which affected the promotion process we incorporated to attract customers. Even after being famous, it was difficult for popular retail businesses to sell products to customers based on their behaviour.

Another challenge that we could face is that various visitors came to the website's landing page and left without signing up. Another challenge that existed is that we needed to develop a website to function at an optimal rate. Customers facing eros while checking out have been a common issue, and we needed to make sure that such a problem did not occur in the website we developed.

The Solutions We Came Up With

The solution we came up with to customers cancelling the order after adding products to their cart is enabling our website to inform the company about it. Being informed about cart abundance will help us sending them a personalized mail and telling them about all the current offers and discounts on the particular products - this way, we could speed up and ease down their decision-making process.

Another solution we thought about was if a customer has checked out with certain products, we had to make sure that they came back to the website to purchase other new products. The best way we could do this is, informing the customer about several complementary products that we will send their way so that they generate a good impression about the website and come back to it to make more purchases. Suppose a particular customer is viewing the same product continuously and not making a purchase. In that case, the website should help in informing them about some alternative product or some offers about the same product.

The End Results

The approach that we took and the strategies we incorporated while creating the official website for our client have helped attract customers interested in purchasing baby products from his company. We tried to build the website in such a way so that we can give priority to the customers, which resulted in the site being full of features that improved customer experience. Our developers made sure that the number of returning customers received a boost.

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