Today, high-quality customer service is crucial to the success and growth of any business. Manual customer service or the presence of a human executive can prove fruitful. However, it involves a lot of limitations. An automated chatbot system is always in place as far as efficiency is concerned. A client came across Wordsys and was interested in creating a customer service chatbot system for his company.

He mentioned in detail his goal and how he wants to boost the efficiency of the employees and provide his clients and customers with a premium customer service experience. He wanted the system to work seamlessly and equip all the functionalities to respond to and offer solutions to all the queries. The presence of an automated chatbot system accordion to him will be available for answering questions 24/7.

Challenges We Encountered Along The Way

Even though we knew that building a chatbot by our experienced experts will not be a massive hassle as they have worked in that field before, there were few challenges we needed to take into consideration.

Following is a list of the most prominent challenges that we came across and felt deserved attention:

  • Uninteresting User Experience

The most significant limitation of conversing with a chatbot is the fact that it is a bot. When customers are talking with a bot, it might feel like a script is being followed and read to them after a certain period. To understand a customer's query properly, the listener needs to empathize with the customer, which is not possible for a bot. Conversations initiated and carried on by a chatbot lack personalization. Pre-programmed answers can often make customers feel ignored, leaving a wrong impression in their minds.

  • Lack Of Engagement

When developers create chatbots, they already have answers embedded within them. Chatbots follow a script. The chatbot follows a sequence and is unable to respond to any commands outside of that. Automated responses often result in the conversation being monotonous and repetitive, which affects a user's engagement.

Some Of The Most Sure-Fire Solutions We Figured Out

Depending upon the two significant challenges that we could face while developing a customer service chatbot system, we came up with solutions for the challenging situations. As far as user experience went, we planned to incorporate a few steps that would make the whole process of chatbot communication interesting for the customers.

The measures could include making use of emojis, which could improvise the conversation. The language incorporated into the chatbot should be easy to understand. The inclusion of humour could be a good solution so that even if the customer is not satisfied, he leaves with a smile. The chatbot should not shower the customer with excessive questions.

As far as the engagement issue went, we thought we could infuse our chatbot system with the ability to learn from conversations. The incorporation of AI could easily enable a chatbot to do all that. Initially, this would have been difficult to achieve, but as chatbots keep on assessing conversations, they gradually gather data and improve interactions.

The Final Results

We took into account all the significant challenges associated with developing a customer chatbot system. We came up with solutions that could eliminate all the development issues. We successfully incorporated all the solutions and built a fully functioning chatbot system for our clients.

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