In the rush that exists today, it is challenging to manage appointments manually as far as doctor appointment booking goes. People worldwide want to live a healthy life and do not want to fall sick or remain afflicted by any illness. Given the critical situation due to the pandemic, almost everyone prefers booking doctors’ appointment online when they feel unwell. Paying a visit to a click physically is not always a feasible option as a patient might not be treated, and looked at on time.

In any emergency situation, booking an appointment through an app is often the most convenient method to reach a doctor. A client visited us intending to develop a doctor appointment booking app to help patients. He was confident that a digital solution would only make things easier for patients. He gave us a brief about all the features that he wanted to implement within the app. In addition to helping people book an appointment, the app should also include features that would assist the users.

Challenges We Came Across During Development -

We had to do ample research about already available similar apps to get an idea about making them as valuable and accessible as possible. However, when we thought about the development process, we came across certain challenges. Followings are a few of those.

A major challenge was to design the app in such a way so that it does not cause any kind of inconvenience to the user. A doctor appointment is something of an urgent endeavour, so the user experience of the application needs to be top-notch and the UI should be lag-free. It was a challenge for the users to get used to the process itself. Even if we developed an efficient app, many would not feel confident about migrating to a digital ecosystem right away.

Thirdly, even the customers who were ready to migrate to an app might be concerned about the security features of an app. When a patient uses an app to book a doctor’s appointment, he needs to enter some specific details. This is mainly because they need all the information to be as secure as possible.

Some Of The Solutions We Came Up With -

As far as designing the app is concerned, we needed to incorporate in the necessary features and buttons within the app so that all the necessary features and pages can be accessed with a few clicks.

The design also needs to be well built and smooth. A smooth design will help users also reach their desired option as quickly as possible. The second challenge of people getting used to is incorporating valuable elements into the app and making it as seamless and smooth as possible. The third issue we could address by making sure that the app had top-notch security features.

Important Features That The App Should Have  -

  • Offline Feature:

A hospital appointment booking app needs to have an offline mode. The customers need to have an option embedded within the app to shift from an online method to an offline one if an internet connection is missing.

  • Administration Panel:

The app needs to come equipped with an admin panel within which people from the administration team can manage the list of appointments to address all the patients at their desired time.

  • Doctor Profile:

This is a crucial feature. An appointment booking app needs to have a section embedded within it with the best doctors' profiles. Patients, if wanted, can go through each of the shapes to finalize a doctor for his individual needs.

The Final Outcomes -

After considering all the challenges that we faced during the development stage and keeping in mind all the requirements that our client mentioned, we could develop an app, which made it highly convenient for patients to book an appointment with a doctor during an emergency instantly.

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