Organizations deal with massive volumes of information and documents, most of which might contain confidential details. Organizations, thus, need a Document Management System (DMS) to keep their records in place and proper condition. DMS is a broad category of standardized practices that manage the creation and authenticity of documents.

It also supervises the storage of documents that enables convenient extraction of a particular document when required and ensures the security of documents by preventing unauthorized access and facilitating recovery from physical disruption or loss of records. So, our client is a marketing research company that provides insights into enterprises. Their experts continuously track markets and produce high-quality market intelligence, which is why they needed software that can manage, track, and electronically add signatures.

The requirement was to build a robust application that offered an easily searchable format, and is the source of storage for all digital documents. The client asked us to create an application that would increase efficiency and productivity and save time to invest in other essential business operations.

Challenges We Faced Along The Way

While building the application, our engineers planned the implementation process. The implementation of document management software typically drags more than it should. Our prime focus was to get our in-house team of experts set up an accurate timeline, and we maintained our consistency by adhering to this timeline. Meanwhile, the team also established clear responsibilities among themselves. They decided that the longer it would take to implement, the more likely it was that different personnel would cause the team to lose track of time and plan.

So, we took the challenge head-on, decided the time to go live, and built our milestones from there in reverse. We then set some crucial user expectations and shared them with our clients to ensure that everybody is on the same page. We were also preparing routine methods and emergency plans for any unlikely event.

Some Of The Solutions We Incorporated

We took our next step forward and created the application that took control of the repetitive process of manual data entry. We replaced it with our application that had simple document workflow automation. Our application streamlines the regular document supervision tasks that provided our client with increased efficiency and productivity.

We made sure the application should have unparalleled access options to take the document management system wherever they go. This is the reason why we sought to build the application that adapted itself to the iOS and Android environment, enabling management, tracking, and electronic signatures on digital documents.

Our technology was required to enable the client to manage their business with ease. So we paid extra attention to designing the application that would handle the repetition of records management and free up their schedule to concentrate on other aspects of the business. Thus, we created the feature of real-time notifications that alerted the user with something that required attention.

The Final Outcomes We Obtained

We came up with the most convenient solution for document management that enabled our clients to simplify business processes. The easy-to-use interface helped our clients deal with their document management objectives. The application made it easier for their organization to maintain all documents in a centralized repository, with the documents available to all employees with the security credentials to access them. The software that we built was easy-to-operate and scalable, which could store any file. The workflow module on which we made the software could route AP invoice approvals, expense reports, etc.

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