A client from the US got in touch with us and informed us about their application development criteria. They needed something that defines the new-age eLearning scenario in the cloud. The client mentioned that they needed to invest in an app that would firstly understand their organizational and training objectives.

The brief was to build an eLearning cloud-based software that would offer a seamless experience and be a robust system for accessing, managing eLearning resources, keeping track of user’s progress, etc. They added that the cloud-based software shouldn’t restrict mobility and can be downloaded and installed on phones or tablets. 

Challenges We Faced And Conquered

The concept of cloud-based eLearning is different from its traditional counterpart. The traditional eLearning resources were hosted on separate servers- including the learning resources and supporting infrastructure, environment, and software. So, we had to build a high-end and effective software that would be cloud-based and the approach of which uses an integrated platform of content, authoring tools, database, etc.

Our valued client wanted a comprehensive eLearning platform for their employees. So, our task was to create this platform that would host its Learning Management System, a server to upload content and store the user’s information, an authoring tool for the content makers that also creates a supportive environment for all users. 

Solutions We Incorporated

We were successful in ticking all the boxes and created a hassle-free and seamless cloud eLearning software. We built it on the principle of providing a no-sweat corporate training experience. The platform was flexible enough to contain features that made it agile and light to support corporate training without distractions. The application could run on Android as well as iOS. In case of a network issue, the application allowed its users to sync their data whenever they connected.

Our first and foremost decision while building this software was to create a modern and robust platform. The software presented faster responses and provided a smooth learning experience to our client. We also kept in mind the storage and backup requirements and built the software with 24*5 monitoring abilities. The monitoring made it a great choice as a system that was cloud-hosted. We recreated our client’s training ecosystem incorporating a combination of tutor-led training, analytics and pre-programmed reporting, learning paths, and Social Learning. 

We made sure our app is customizable, reflecting our client’s brand and design through its interface while the features matched their training objective. We also included leaderboards, learning paths, reports and insights, detailed analytics, gamification, etc. 

Our goal was to provide the best-in-class product that offers an affordable experience. We based the software on a pay-per-use model. So once the client had the list of the number of users they wanted on the system, they had to pay only for those. Our cloud-based eLearning app was easily accessible to various learners without being too expensive compared to web hosting, including charges for installation and maintenance costs. 

Results We Reaped At The End 

We took our development skills further while creating this application, and we made sure that our platform is scalable. It allowed our clients to purchase any extra space when they needed to expand the system’s user reach. They also had the freedom to decrease or let go of a particular service if and when required. Since the application was cloud-hosted, the client had to worry less about the security of their platform. 

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