The Overall Approach

A client approached us with the desire to develop an employee management system for his renowned company. He was leading an IT-based company in Europe. He had the experience of providing high-quality services to his customers for more than eight years.

Some Challenges We Faced

While we were making plans and creating approaches to develop an employee management system successfully, we came across the following challenges. We felt that we needed to completely revamp the organizational management by integrating all the major internal systems with the workflow. We required this integration to feel organic so that the existing employees can smoothly adapt to the change.

The second colossal challenge we came across is that the client did not have a portal where all his employees could post about their queries and issues. Apart from questions, employees also needed other systems which could be beneficial to them. Procedures about recording grievances, leave management, and attendance could have made the employees' daily functions drastically simpler.

Some Solutions We Figured Out

After properly analysing all the challenges and considering the issues we need to address, we finally created a portal that had all the necessary features. It comprised an element of enrollment, which automated the process of enrolling new employees into the company. It came with an attendance tracker, which sent reports to the management about the arrival and departure of a particular employee daily. It came with a leave tracker, which smoothened out the process of leave application for an employee. Lastly, if any employee had any grievance, the grievance redressal feature of our portal dealt with it.

The portal also ensured that all the personal information an employee entered into the portal about himself is protected by deep encryption. Anyhow, their data does not get leaked. This portal provided all the hardworking employees with an option to assess their performance. It also came with a feature that helped seniors give feedback about the performance of a junior employee.

This portal includes different sections for different sections. Everybody could have the benefit of role-based content delivery. This feature allowed the partners, customers, and employees to have three distinct areas, where each can access their information separately. The portal provided a significant upgrade to the end-user experience. The most important solution that we came up with was the complete automation of processes. Automation of both internal and departmental processes ensured that employees save time and could have the scope to focus on other crucial roles.

The Final Outcomes

As a result of our effort, the portal development process was a success and benefited our client in various ways. Following are just a few of those ways. The communication between different departments became enhanced after the regular business operations started to get streamlined. The employees were able to update content and track queries regularly.

Enhanced communication processed different kinds of requests with ease and boosted operational frequency. The easy-to-understand interface of our portal allows employees to manually update their details without the assistance of the IT department. A smoother interface allowed the entire process to drastically faster. Our portal also helped senior employees to make all kinds of announcements conveniently.

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