About The Project

Our client is the owner of a prevalent restaurant chain in India. He came to us with the desire to grow and expand his restaurant business more. He wanted us to build a website for his company which should have a beautiful design. He wanted us to build an online presence for his business, instantly attracting customers and substantially boot sales.

A Peek Into Our Goal

After being aware of our client's requirements, we came up with a list of goals that we need to achieve through our process of web development. Following were the four primary goals that we had in mind: 

  • Design of the Website

It was immensely crucial for us to build a visually appealing website. Customers will only revisit a particular website if they are impressed by the design of website. Revisits will substantially increase the amount of traffic on the website. Design is a characteristic that will benefit the site in the long term.

  • Customization Features

We planned to include customization features within the website, which all the users use to modify the look and functioning of the website.

  • Content Management System

We also aimed to create the content of the page so that non-technical users with no knowledge about website development can make changes to the same.

  • Management

We also were focused on the fact that we should also create the website's essential characteristics so that someone with no experience in web development can make modifications to integral features.

Challenges We Faced

  • Proper Application of Tools

Frequently, even after having access to all the modern tools that will facilitate website development, we fail to make proper use of them. We faced the challenge of incorporating our tools to create the most functional website possible.

  • UI/UX

UI is another obvious challenge faced by a developer. The smoothness with which a particular website function is crucial as far as the usability of a customer is concerned.

  • Design

Lastly, how the website looks to the viewers is perhaps the most critical factor that decides whether a particular customer will come back to the website. We had to create a website design that will look equally appealing on all platforms.

Solutions We Incorporated

  • Social Media

We had in mind that increased traffic will increase the website's visibility, so we included integrating with social media platforms within the website.

  • Content

We made sure that we based the content on the page on the latest food-related news and trends and updated it on a periodical basis. Regular updates will always welcome visitors to fresh content on the website.

  • Design

We incorporated the use of a wide variety of libraries, which helped us use only the images and designs of the best quality. The use of high-quality files automatically boosted the overall visual quality of the website.

Seamless Payment Process

Customer experience was of the utmost priority to us, so we ensured that booking meals are just a two-step process, including selecting the dish and the payment for the same.

Results We Got

  • Mobile

Visitors on the mobile platforms accounted for almost 60mpercent of the total traffic that the website received.

  • SEO

SEO tools helped us improve the quality of the content in addition to its rankings. They boosted the visibility of the content that was present on the website.

  • Orders

People who visited the website to order food increased drastically, giving a significant boost to the overall sales.

  • Reviews

Gradually, customers started posting positive reviews about the restaurant and the quality of the website, which further improved traffic.

Our Attempt To Improve The Restaurant Industry

Our client, the owner of a popular restaurant chain, came to us with a desire to build a website for his business. We did have a set of goals in mind while starting to work on it. Website traffic is crucial for the growth of a food ordering website. We came across challenges that made us realize that design and functionality are critical factors contributing to the development of a restaurant business.

The main challenges we faced, included achieving the design we desired for the website. We knew design was a factor that would attract customers. We came up with solutions that improved the quality of the experience that the customers received from the site. The results that we received helped us circulate the website even more, to have more people access it. The positive reviews motivated us to improve our site further.

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