We conducted a case study for an electronics manufacturing company in Delhi named ENRG. The features we implemented into their function included POS, barcode, inventory, sale-purchase management, accounts, and ERP implementation with their Magneto website.

A Few More Functionalities We Implemented Includes The Followings –

  • Management of sales and purchases

A detailed record of all the assets and sales made was crucial to be aware of the cash flow properly. They were making it easier to manage money.

  • Financial accounting

It is another sector that is crucial for the proper calculation of the flow of cash.

  • Warehouse management

This functionality is similarly crucial as it will keep a record of the amount of stock of every product in the warehouse of the store owner.

  • Barcode Integration

Implementing this feature will provide the sellers with detailed information about the products they are attempting to sell.

To further improve the experience that customers would receive while purchasing from the store, a few pieces of hardware were needed to be introduced which would substantially ease purchase and sale. The three main pieces of hardware presented were barcode printers, barcode scanners, and printers – these pieces of hardware smoothened product billing.

Challenges We Faced

Customers wanted an improved version of business automation. They wanted the process of purchase to be smoother and take less time. Customers wanted a detailed catalogue of the products which were manufactured and put up for sale. They tried to make their choice depending on the details that were available about the products. Customers wanted all the electronic products to have an updated list of rates on their price tags. Customers wanted to automate the purchase and sales process so that both the sellers and buyers do not face any hassle while making a purchase.

Solutions We Figured Out

We provide the store with various ERP solutions that dealt with all the different modules that we mentioned in the challenges section. We made sure that we replaced the outdated systems with the latest automated techniques. We introduced custom reports for every sale and purchase that customer made from the particular store. We improved the modules of Sales and Accounting.

The Final Results

Different departments of the store situated in multiple locations can use the ERP, which we deployed using the original model. We abolished manual entries into registers about purchases and sales, which helped the sellers be free from any errors due to human carelessness. We drastically improved the overall decision-making about products due to the implementation of automation. It helped the sellers receive real-time reports, including information about product sales.

Drastically improved the monitoring process, controlling and managing crucial project data. We optimized product control because overall efficiency was facilitated and encouraged. We made sure that the sellers carried over the accounting practices keeping the Indian accounting standards in mind. Finally, the most beneficial outcome to the customers was an updated list of rates, which in most cases resulted in a reduction of prices.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We have with us a team of experienced specialists who have years of experience in this particular field. We have special tools and techniques that are crucial for developing the business functions of a specific retail shop. We will ensure revamping your business functions and getting more customers than you used to before you associated with us. We have dedicated experts who can take your retail business to new heights.

We Focus On Growing Your Retail Business

One of our clients from the retail industry came to us and asked us to develop a website for their business, with the significant purpose of boosting sales of their products. This particular client was the owner of an electronic purchase and sale shop in New Delhi. At the very beginning, we knew that it would be a challenging job for us to develop a website that will significantly boost the current rate of sales of the shop. We understood the limitations that a retail shop generally faces if it does not have an official website.

We came up with solutions to all the challenges we faced, which ultimately led to a better reach of the shop among customers of other cities and provided a substantial boost to its sales. With the help of our skilled developers, we created an official website for our client’s retail company, which increased the reach of his company among customers. For us, providing the customers with a website that equally smooth for all the customers was a daunting task.

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