As far flights go, it is considered the most convenient method of traveling from one place to another, for intercity travel is also the most preferred way. It is thus essential that the flight ticket booking process is as hassle-free as possible. There are specific nuances involved in booking a ticket and getting on the plane with ease.

The method of securing a ticket can be complicated enough to create stress in the mind of a traveller. A client recently visited our company to develop a flight ticket booking platform for his company. He wanted us to build the platform in such a way that the customers do not face any hassle during the process of booking tickets. He had a specific list of requirements that the booking platform we were to develop needed to fulfil. We considered all his requirements and started researching popular flight booking websites to create an idea of how an ideal one should be.

Some Of The Challenges We Encountered

While researching popular flight booking websites, we came across specific challenges that we needed to keep in mind while developing the platform. Most of these challenges were user-related, which we needed to make sure did not.

A few of such challenges are as follows -

  • Security

When an individual booked a flight ticket through a booking platform, he had to enter specific details about himself while creating a profile. He also needed to enter crucial payment information into the system to pay for a flight conveniently. Customers, while entering these details, were often worried about the leak of data. Fear of data leaks, people often preferred one platform over another. Security is a crucial feature that dictates how much better one platform is from another.

  • Smooth UI

Even though it might have seemed that UI has a negligible part in ticket booking, it was not valid. UI and design of a platform dictated how fast somebody booked a particular flight ticket. Multiple individuals might be trying to book a specific ticket at a given time, making it compulsory for a platform to be as smooth as possible. Everybody wanted to travel on a seat of their choice.

  • Date And Time

An ideal platform needed to take date and time into consideration so that a customer could even book a flight on a future date and got his seat of choice. We needed to make sure that users received correct information about seat availability on our platform.

  • Airline Preference

When a customer tried booking a flight ticket, they often did not get access to a particular airline. Specific customers might be biased towards a specific airline, which immediately shifted to a different platform—that affected ticket sales quite often.

Solutions We Figured Out To Ace Our Goals

Considering all the challenges mentioned above, we came up with specific solutions to the problems we could potentially face. As far as the security went, we ensured that our developers infused the platform with top-class security features. Important encryptions were enabled so that not even a single piece of data got leaked in any way. We decided to put our best designers and developer to work in developing the flight ticket booking platform.

The use of proper tools and experience would give users a premium experience while booking, where they would reserve their seats rapidly and without any hassle. We also made sure that all third-party airline information was infused within the platform so that users could choose the airlines they preferred to buy tickets of.

The Final Results

We kept in mind all the requirements that our client had and all the factors that would give customers a smooth experience. We did ample research to make sure that our platform did not lack any crucial features. We were successful in developing a flight booking platform that customers would be impressed with.

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