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A client visited us with a proposal. He wanted us to develop a home renting app so that the process of searching for a home for rent, which traditionally is a tedious one, becomes simple and uncomplicated. The presence of an app, according to him, will radically change the way in which tenants and homeowners interact. No matter, how huge the piece of property is, in order to adapt to the changing technological scenario.

Challenges We Combatted And Conquered

We immediately started working on the app, as soon as we collected all the information about how and why the app should be created. There are some significant challenges that we knew we will come across while developing the app. The following are three such speed-breakers. We focused on creating an app that is extremely premium in nature.

  • Budget-Related Challenges:

This is one of the most significant challenges that we came across while creating an app, that would fulfill the needs of our client appropriately. As per our research, budget is the biggest hurdle in the path of real estate development and renting businesses. No matter, if we are developing the renting app for Android, iOS, or multi-platform, the budget is something that we needed to take strictly under consideration. We needed to make sure that the budget is ample so that the app developed is equipped with the most advanced features, in addition to being immensely user-friendly. Small-scale in find it difficult to invest enough money and are often limited by budget constraints.

  • Security Concerns:

This is a huge concern while developing any kind of an app, in which a user needs to enter his personal details. In any home renting app, it is compulsory, that the person, who is attempting to rent a home, needs to enter crucial details about himself into the information section of the app. A home renting application also requires sensitive banking information about an individual. The app must have the ability to restrict any kind of unauthorized access. Apps once developed are generally not fully secured, it is almost bound to have loopholes, which is why we needed to keep a close eye at the testing phase of the application.

  • Reach Among The Audience:

Any app, especially one that requires individuals to invest time in it, like a home-renting app, needed proper promotion to be able to reach its desired audience. The owner of the app needed to first choose the kind of audience that the app is useful for. After curating an audience, the app needed to be marketed properly. The app should come equipped with visual details about the home, people are trying to rent. These details could include photos and high-quality videos.

Solutions We Came Up With

The biggest challenge that we came across was budget, so as experienced developers, we suggested a viable solution to our client. We decided that if the particular home-renting app was developed at once for both the mobile platforms then it would save a lot of money.

If we made the app compatible with both iOS and Android, it would be like developing two apps at the cost of one. As far as security goes, we decided to make our application in such a way, that all the information added into it is automatically passed through encryptions. Each piece of data is securely encrypted, which prevented any kind of leak from taking place.

The solution we came up with to widen the reach of the app, is promoting the features of the app on all the popular social media platforms. Social media is a platform, where a product reaches millions of people through a single click. Out of the numerous people who come across our app, a substantial number will find the value and make use of it.

The Ultimate Result We Reaped

We incorporated all the features that our client had in mind. We were able to achieve the outcome we expected. The cross-platform app we developed, needed to run with similar smoothness on both platforms - our home renting app did that. Moreover, the app we developed proved to be of equal benefit for both tenants and homeowners.

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